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Party Down :: Cool Party Favors.

As we are closing in on the Peach’s birthday, I wanted to take a look at one of the most popular and fun parts of children’s parties.  Friends, it is all about the goody bag/party favors.  It’s always nice to have a fun giveaway that fitsyour “theme”.  I know, I know… sometimes goody bags can be a little bit of gilding the lily, but I think it is quite sweet to give kids a little bit of the party to take home with them.  Even if it is just a cookie or a train engine, it can be a wonderful reminder months or every years after the party.  I still use and have some party favors believe it or not!

I rounded up a few of my favorites to share with you. I hope they inspire you as much as they did me!

I love the idea of using paper bags. They are inexpensive and can offer creative types a great canvas for kiddo awesomeness. Like this adorable owl we found from Rock Paper Scissors via Ohdeedoh.

Mighty Girl, Maggie Mason took a simple gift and charmed the pants off of it by wrapping the sidewalk chalk in wax paper and making it look too good to eat!

I’m very impressed with this wonderfully graphic and very fun nod Batman party favor bag from Just Jenn Rants & Raves.

I love the idea of giving away bubbles with personalized labels for summer birthday parties. The yellow is so happy and will be played with until the bottle is empty!

Coloring books make great party favors.  And I’m particularly loving these terrific Little Red Riding Hood color book.  That graphic is genius in its simplicity and beauty, no?

Now, these little suitcases are perfect for travel parties.  This party favor is better than some of the gifts I’ve given in the past! Unbelievable adorable.  From Little Frills via those party perfectionists, Hip Hip Hooray! And the Tinker Toy use is genius too!  Hey, they have the same Lady Baltimore red suitcase I have for the Peach!

I’m going to be putting together the party favor bags tonight–all fun simple stuff–nothing too fancy or expensive. I’m thinking paper bag for mine.

My goal with this party is to spend no more than $75 on everything. So far so good.  Food is basic–mac & cheese and I spent $25 on the goody bag stuff, and also bought $20 of used stuff that I’m refashioning for the party. And the Peach is wearing an outfit I bought used that I found in her closet. all that and a few five dollar bunches of flowers and I think we are good to go!

I must admit, I had grand schemes in place that have been simplified down a lot due to lack of time. But I’m OK with that–it’s a party–I just want the Peach to have fun with her friends! I’ve been plugging away at little crafty projects every night after the Peach goes down.  But then sometimes I get nervous and overwhelmed–what if no one comes? What if all the kids have meltdowns? What if blah blah blah.  Eh-just gotta roll with it. Which what parenting is all about anyway, right?

Wish me luck!

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  1. BethR says

    i like that you’re posting party favor items. i’m already getting myself worked into a tizzy about my kids’ next birthday. FOUR MONTHS AWAY.

    last year, my son (turned 4) partied in the park and i wanted to have extremely non-commercial, non-plasticy party favors. we went the paper bag route. i mixed up three colors of paint and had him paint each bag. inside, i put a hand-folded paper airplane in a solid color of printer paper, a packet of flower seeds, a packet of herb seeds, a couple of organic suckers, handmade pinwheels without a pin (which was a PIA to figure out), and some pages of animal stickers from those booklets you can buy with something ridiculous like 2,000 stickers.

    i’m hoping to make myself less crazy this time around.

  2. Alix says

    Some cute stuff! Dottie I did paper bags for Wolfie’s 5th and they turned out swell!

    You are gonna rock that pahtee! I can’t wait to see!

  3. RocketGirl says

    I think it’s going to be fab!

    And those sidewalk chalk “taffy” and the bubble bottles give me hope that I can knock out party favors when the time comes!

  4. Jessie says

    so wonderful. I love the suitcases.

  5. Laura Unverferth says

    Thanks for the mention, Dottie! (the tinker toy idea was last minute and worked perfect) I like your blog!

  6. Lia Sophia says

    Where did you get the suitcases?

  7. paris says

    So cute!!! Where did you get the mini suitcases?

  8. Ashlee says

    Very cute! Where did you find the little suitcases?!

  9. mia says

    were these suitcases custom made and if so can u please post the link for the website.

  10. Ciara says

    Hey I wanted to know where you got the suitcases from? I wanted to use it as favors for a destination wedding!

  11. Rivonia says

    hey I absolutely love this. Please let me know where i can buy the little suitcases.

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