Meet Wolfie! Our Weekly Kiddo.

When Dottie and I started this site, I knew it would be extreeeemely tempting to talk about my own child all the time. I mean, how could I resist?? This site is a celebration of cute and stylish kid stuff and I’ve got a sweet lil Ambassador of Cute living right under my own roof. But I know you’re not coming here to listen to me yack about my child all the time and I’ve tried to curb my enthusiasm…..until now. Oh ho ho, yer in for it peeps! It’s Wolfie’s birthday week and my little munchkin is a Grand Old Six now. Amazing. I promise this is a one time dealie, so please forgive me while I indulge in some totally shameless mommy bragging and present this week’s Weekly Kiddo: Wolfgang the Great.

(Be forewarned….this is like a virtual version of those old timey wallets that unfurl with a thousand pictures!)

I had to show off some of his Old Skool Style. This is my little lad around age four.
+ Vintage shoulder tie sweater 60s, a gift from my stylish friend Denise
+ Black skinny cord rocker jeans, H&M
+ Black and white checkered Vans

+ Vintage Close Encounters tee shirt

+ Vintage Han Solo Star Wars Underoos
+ Vintage late 60s Mustard Button shirt

Tee hee. These are some of our fave jammies. One morning I heard this funny clomping sound and discovered ol Puss-n-Boots was cavorting around the living room.
+ Small Paul “Bow Tie” PJs
+ Mommy’s boots from Top Shop

+ Shawn White for Target tee shirt
+ H&M jeans

+ Vintage Close Encountered tee shirt remixed for the Carnival. It was a bazillion degrees this day…resulting in this:
+ Spiderman terrycloth headband

+ Small Paul Stripey Hoodie
+ Green and Grey Striped shirt
+ Old Navy Jeans
+ Stella McCartney High Tops, Gap Kids

+ Paul Frank for Target tee
+ Small Paul Frank Hoodie
+ Old Navy  jeans
+ Vans skater sneaks

+ Vintage checkered cowboy shirt
+ H&M jeans
+ Desert boots

+ Navy blue blazer, Target
+ Pink button down, Target
+ Gingham tie, Target (it was a set…)
+ H&M jean
+ Blue Vans Skater Sneaks

Wow. Did you make it through that colossal list??? I warned you. The little Wolf cub is such a happy kiddo. He loves animals, watching his daddy’s band (“The Time Outs,” our Bay Area answer to The Wiggles….) and is obsessed with the Wii and playing games on my iphone. He is the only child I know who thinks chocolate is “yucky” and pretty much dislikes most sweets. It’s kind of bizarro. He is a salty boy, however, and loves him some pretzels, tortilla chips, cashews, onion bagels with cream cheese and pizza. He also is crazy about baseball (Go Giants!), Legos, reading stories, playing board games and collecting Bakugan and Pokemon. More than anything he loves to laugh and when he gets going he has a crazy giggle and his eyes get all twinkly and you just wanna melt. He is the ultimate charmer. I’m dreading the day he figures this all out in his teens because I know he’s gonna wheedle a vintage Corvette outta me. More than anything, I love that my boy is a kind and loving gentle spirit. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little love bug. I love you to deep space nine and even past the black hole. (“Because mommy, do you know the black hole is the way FARTHEST place you can go!”)

21 thoughts on “Meet Wolfie! Our Weekly Kiddo.

  1. Thanks you guys!! I know I overdid it (to be fair, I wrote this post waaaay late at night) but thank you for indulging me.


    (Oh, and just to ‘splain Dottie’s comment, Wolfie has little made up words he says, like “Somebody needs to clean this up.” “Well whobody gonna do it?” or “Yesternight I went to bed very early.”

    I can’t bear to correct him….

  2. I’m swallowing my mommy pride and saying, Wolfir IS the cutest boy with the best style! Max thanks you and Wolfie for the inspiration. After all, sharing is caring = )
    Happy B-DAY Wolfie! You are awesome!

  3. Oh my god the hair. The glorious hair. This is one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen. And his outfits are adorable too! So you’re a fan of H&M for little boy jeans, eh, I will have to check them out!

  4. Katie that’s so funny! Another friend said the same thing. It was actually this really funny, smart assy guy friend of mine and he IM-ed me and was all “You know who Wolfie looks JUST like??” And I got all mama bear defensive and was thinking, “Dude, if you say, like “The Greatest American Hero” or Sammy Hagar I’m gonna KILLLL YOU. And he said “The Entourage guy. Adrian Grenier.” I can deal with that! hee.

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