MK Getaways :: Cabin Fever with Kate’s Lazy Meadows

I’m soo happy Alix is off having a well deserved vacation with family! Hurrah Alix–I hope you put yer feet up and relax, lady!

I, alas, am not vacationing right now. But if I were to take a jaunty little vacation, I’d pack my bags and head over to Kate’s Lazy Meadows Resort in the Catskills of New York.

Images via: Flickr user Satori and Travel & Leisure

Kate, who is better known as Kate Pierson, the redheaded darling from The B-52s came across a set of cottages in Woodstock, NY and turned them into her tiki mod vacation dream come true. Which happens to be MY dream too!  (Surely Kate and I are destined to become BESTIES, right?)

Also, girlfriend lovingly filled up her little cutie kitschy cabins with all sorts of fun tchotchkes from shopping sprees all around America when she toured. And basically created the second most magical place on earth.

See those to die for ceramic bubbles on the staircase above and these groovy tiles in the bathroom? Those are made by Kate’s artist buddies, Phillip Maberry and Scott Walker, known as the groovy duo whose home was the “Love Shack” set for the B-52’s video.

Image via: TJ2

Personally, I’d like to try the stunning airstream trailer. Which looks so sweet and cozy!

But I think any nook and cranny of Kate’s Lazy Meadows would be a perfect place to experience the beauty of the Catskills in summer. Or oooh… Fall. Oh the changing leaves.

So, let’s book a Modern Kiddo camp next year here–whadaya say, folks?

11 thoughts on “MK Getaways :: Cabin Fever with Kate’s Lazy Meadows

  1. eek! so excited you posted about this Dottie. I remember reading a loooong time ago that she had a place to rent somewhere and was just thinking about this the other day! I’m definitely planning a trip here… SWOON! thanks for sharing! : )

  2. Danielle, I can’t lie–I was totally thinking about you when I wrote this! I was so inspired by your fab teepee vacation which looked like SO. MUCH. FUN.

  3. I have read about this, too, and I think I’ll join you ladies for a vacay there! There’s an abandoned motel we pass when we go to Door County and I always say I want to buy it and make it cool and kitschy like that!!

  4. wow, thank you dottie!! you’re a sweetie 😀 i already talked with the hubs today that this is my dream vacation! i need to find out what there is to do nearby.. You should go with your hubby! Sans kiddo maybe? hee hee ; )

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