My New Obsession :: The glass beauty of bkr

Drinking water is important. But I have to admit I’m kind of picky. I’m not a fan of those aluminum, Sigg-type bottles. I don’t like the metallic taste. And the lip of the bottle has always bugged me. I also don’t really like those sport bottle tops—where you have to suck on the dang thing and the sides of the plastic bottle suction in. A glass of water is great but I’m always paranoid I’ll knock it over and spill it everywhere. What’s a girl to do? Enter, the bkr bottle {pronounced “beaker”}.

I first spied bkr in the hands of my friend Toria. She had a deliciously bright blue bottle on her desk at work and I was immediately transfixed. It was made of glass and it looked like a little piece of art. I knew I had to find out more!

Tal Soltz and Kate Cutler are the co-founders of San Francisco-based bkr. These two close friends created bkr with the inspiration of everything they loved in life — modern art, sky-high boots, designs they saw in Tokyo, Parisian street chic, soft white sheets etc. But most of all, they wanted to show that a green product could (and should!) be creative, beautiful and inspirational. Says Tal, “We want to inspire people to drop their plastic bottles but believe that to do so, you have to give people something they will want to carry.” Friends, boy did they ever succeed.

Chic, sleek and utterly functional, bkr is a new generation of water bottles. “We made it from glass because it’s a green and clean material—it doesn’t smell of every drink you ever put in it or leach chemicals.” This is huge. I can’t tell you how many plastic drinking bottles I’ve ruined by adding things like Emergen-C to them. And of course no one wants gross chemicals tainting their bevies.

The brightly hued, cushy sleeve comes in cool colors like Bubble (a soft pale pink), Pop (a vibrant fuchsia), Pool (a brilliant, cerulean blue), Ripe (a plucky, day glow tangerine),  and Fog (a charcoal, misty grey that pays homage to our beloved San Francisco).

The ladies were kind enough to send me a couple of bottles and I can safely say it has revolutionized my water drinking. The bottle mimics the feel of a classic plastic water bottle—the smaller mouth and easy screw cap—but packages it in the prettiest little bottle you ever did see. It looks 10x more beautiful in person, with the sleeve giving it a clean, translucence… it also feels terrific too. I am always saying I need to drink more water, and now thanks to my sassy bottle I do.

The one downside? Everyone in my house wants to drink out of it!!!!! I made the announcement that this was mommy’s special bottle, but neither Greg nor Wolfie can resist it. I am constantly catching them sneaking quick swigs. This morning I picked it up only to find out that it was totally empty—this is not an exaggeration people. In fact, I was going to giveaway the blue one to our beloved readers but Wolfie immediately claimed it as his own! (Never fear, I will be giving away a bkr bottle for you guys very soon! Dottie has an awesome giveaway this afternoon but look for my bkr giveaway next week!)

Other things to note. It *is* a glass bottle, so it’s not designed for little tiny kiddos. That being said, it’s not any different than drinking out of a drinking glass. You can’t toss it in your book bag, but it’s fairly sturdy. Should it break within 90 days of your purchase, the lovely folks at bkr will replace it. Pretty cool. Oh, and the sleeve and the bottle are both dishwasher safe. Huzzah! Seriously I can’t say enough about this pretty little bottle you’ll use again and again and again. Get your one in your hot little hands right here. Oh, and just in case yer wondering, they didn’t ask me to write about their bottle….this is simply my opinion. When I like something, I like to share! And I’m very into the idea of eliminating plasticky bottles, cutting down on waste and going back to the clean basics of glass! There are other glass bottle brands popping up and I wrote about them back in this Link Round up (see #4!). But for now, my perty little pink bottle is the winner!

11 thoughts on “My New Obsession :: The glass beauty of bkr

  1. i have been looking for a smart bottle like this FOR EVER. so glad to know that someone somewhere invented one! do you know if they are they available in Canda? i can’t find info on the website 🙁

  2. you are the most fabulous, and you know i am so happy to see you drinking your water!!!!!
    love these bottles! how can an east coast gal track one down, are they available here??

  3. Bobbles are a great alternative to glass for the little ones and people like me who can’t be trusted with glass water bottles. They’re thin plastic, filter as you drink and are BPA-free.

  4. My niece positively adores her 250ml bottle(She’s 3). It’s green with a green heart and she absolutely adores it (the kid is obsessed with frogs and green).
    However, she is a very advanced, responsible three year old, so I wouldn’t recommend it for all kiddos. Nevertheless, it has survived several spills and tumbles.

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