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New Feature! New Focus! Weekly Granny

Hello everyone. Happy happy Friday! Normally this is when we do our Weekly Kiddo, but I’m so excited to announce we’ll be mixing it up around here. I’m really thrilled to introduce you to a new feature that is an homage to the the sassy older crowd! Of course we’ll still stay true to our roots, but we don’t want to limit ourselves. Move over kiddos….it’s time for the Weekly Granny!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! OK, I was just funnin’ ya. We are still committed to being your #1 Vintage Kiddo resource!! But those ladies are pretty sassy, no??? I actually love seeing photos of old ladies who are still rockin’ the cool style. One of my favorites is socialite and entrepenure Iris Apfel (check her out over here). If you really want to see some fabulous, stylish grannies, swing by the blog “Advanced Style,” Ari Seth Cohen’s street style fashion blog that is ALL for the older set (dapper gents and over-the-top ladies!). I love it!

Hope you have an awesome weekend everyone!!!!!

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13 Responses

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  1. Dreaming Bear says

    Greetings from Iowa! So happy to find your delightful blog! Love it! And love those grannies!!! Too fun! Will be back again soon!

  2. jena says

    Man, sometimes I can’t wait to be old. Happy April ladies!! 🙂

  3. Dottie says

    Teehee!!! Alix, you nearly got ME! I love it and I love a good grandma too!

  4. Dame Lanzers says

    Iris Apfel is a goddess.

  5. 3 ring circus • heather says

    these ladies are no fools! i love the granny in the striped knickers!

  6. RocketGirl75 says

    Holy crap, that orange suit is fantastic on a galactic level.

  7. Stacie says

    Love this! So hilarious!

  8. elizabeth antonia says

    this is seriously AWESOME you two!! i have a picture of iris apfel in my living room – i want to be her when i grow up (i need to start accessorizing more!)

  9. betsy says

    that was freaking funny! I thought you two lost it for a minute!!!!!!! you could always start a modern granny blog. LOL

  10. misha lulu says

    This is great! Sometimes I really get inspired by the way some grannies mix their wardrobe!

  11. thursday says

    Damn y’all for getting my hopes up! Grandmas and kiddos go hand in hand – this feature would totally work here.

  12. Marla says

    omg you are awesome!! I loooove this. Now I really really wish you were coming to Nola. 🙂

  13. Maia says

    #3 rocks my world! I had a world-class-stylish granny myself, so I love this post. Bravo for the creative april fools!!

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