Oooh La La! Announcing Summer Hours.

image: gbaku

Well hello friends! As you know we loooooooove us some posting here on the Kiddo. Tpically we post everyday (heck often twice a day!), but in the spirit of summer vacation we have decided to mix it up a little. We are pleased to announce that we are officially going on “Summer Hours” for the months of June thru August. So what the heck does that mean? Well I’ll tell ya! It means we’ll still be posting like crazy, BUT we might take a day off here or there as we see fit. And never fear! We’ll still be scouring the web (and hopping in our sassy time machine) to bring you the bestest vintage content out there all summer long…we just might take a Tuesday off here or there. Or perhaps a Thursday. Or maybe a Tuesday AND a Thursday if the weather is reeeeally fab! So there you have it. Summer Hours! It just means we’ll be a little more laid back and California. And say, if you are a blogger too, I highly recommend you adopting some Summer Hours too!

image: we were here

image: cocktail hour

(That being said….I got a couple more posts for ya today so DO check back! HAH!)

3 thoughts on “Oooh La La! Announcing Summer Hours.

  1. January 1968 ??? Wondering where this guy can sit outside like that! Hawaii? Florida? Very intriguing. But the trees look like mid- west!!!!!

  2. You are so right. Or we would take it to the photo shop to have re-developed if we wanted to give someone a copy. It was tedious way back then!

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