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MK Giveaway: Fuzzymama!

Update: ALAS, THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! Thanks to all who entered.

Calling all vintage loving mamas! This giveaway is for YOU!

Friends, today we have an AMAHZING giveaway from one of my all time favorite Etsy sellers–a $50 gift certificate to Etsy vintage seller, Fuzzymama.

Why, oh why is this so grand you ask? Because Fuzzymama has more than 200 items of vintage awesomeness including one of the best curated and well priced selections of kiddo clothing around.  Mmmhmmm… I discovered Fuzzymama early on in my Etsy foraging trips for the weekly MK Vintage Kiddo Round Up and I found myself coming back again and again and buying again and again too.

But behind the terrific shop is an equally terrific gal, Beth! So we sat down for some e-sweet tea one lazy hour this Memorial Day weekend for the following lovely chat.

MK: Lady, how did you get into vintage kid’s clothing?
Fuzzy Mama Beth: I have always been an avid thrifter/flea marketer.  I got into vintage kids clothing when my husband and I happened upon a thrift store one Valentine’s Day three years ago(yes, my husband loves to thrift as much as i do!)–it was PACKED with all these amazing kids outfits from the sixties and seventies that were barely worn.  I could not leave them there.  We packed our carts with about 70 outfits (I have never had such a coup since!), got a lot of weird looks, and headed home knowing I could do something with these gems.!  I had heard of etsy and after a bit of research, Fuzzymama was born!!

MK: Amen, sister! I have to ask, do you have a favorite era for kid’s clothing?
Fuzzy Mama Beth: I think I am most attracted to the seventies because thats when I grew up. I love the quality of the pieces from back then. And the bold prints–kids clothes seemed to be more fun! Boys clothes from the sixties and seventies always get me, too.  I love a good classic jonjon–nothing sweeter on a little guy!

MK: You had me at Jon Jon!  How did you come up with the name FuzzyMama?
Fuzzy Mama Beth: The name Fuzzymama came from Fuzzybug, my online dating handle when I met my husband!!! (MK: Ha! That’s hilarious!)  I was a bit of a pioneer in online dating—I highly recommend it.  : ) My husband had a card company he named Fuzzybug, I started my etsy shop shortly after that.  Our son Harrison, was 2 at the time and Truman was a newborn. (yes, the same names as Lishyloo–we vintage mamas think alike!!) (MK: LOVE IT! It IS a spectacular name!) and it was a GREAT way for me to make extra cash, have a blast, and stay home with my guys.

MK: This is a hard question–What is your favorite item in the shop right now?
FuzzyMama Beth: I am loving the houndstooth trench for a little boy–and the little nautical romper is frame worthy!!   I have also kept a few of the TGL Stockholm shirts for myself–there is nothing like a good vintage Scandinavian pattern.

MK: You and me both. I have such a weakness for all things Swedish.

And I have a weakness for Fuzzy Mama’s shop too! And you would too.  And here is the best things about it–she also sells amazing goods for Mamas too!  Such darling vintage shoes, purses and of course clothes!

And wonderful housewares too…

Now, the giveaway. Here are the deets:

Now, to win a $50 gift certificate in our Awesome  Fuzzymama, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry. To get bonus entries you may:
  2. Follow us on Twitter. If you are already a follower, tweet about this giveaway—don’t forget to include @modernkiddo in the tweet please! You can also follow our personal twitters @galexina and @missdottie for two additional entries.
  3. “Like” us on Facebook.
  4. “Like” Fuzzymama on Facebook.
  5. Follow Fuzzymama on Twitter.

You’ll get one entry for each thing you do. If you do all seven things on the list you’ll be entered seven times. HUZZAH!!!

Voting ends Monday, June 13th at NOON PST.  The winner will be announced that evening Monday, June 13th at 8:00PM-PST.

Good luck, and we’re crossing our fingers you win!

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  1. gabrielle says

    fabulous clothes, I already like you on to like fuzzymama

  2. Amber Liddle says

    I love me some nautical rompers, too! Sign me up.

  3. Amber Liddle says

    I follow ya’ll on twitter. All three of you!

  4. Amber Liddle says

    Follow you guys on Facebook.

  5. Amber Liddle says

    Following Fuzzymama on Facebook.

  6. Amber Liddle says

    Following Fuzzymama on twitter as well.

  7. Suzy B. says

    Seriously cute! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Maren says

    Another amazing giveaway I’d love to win! Consider me entered, please!

  9. Becca says

    Hooray–what a cool Etsy shop! I did all 7 things on the list! (I was already following MK on Twitter and Facebook, so I tweeted about the giveaway)! @beccabsh

  10. Dame Rusty says

    SO cute! I do love vintage kiddie stuff so much. That little sailor outfit is freakin’ ADORABLE!!

  11. arely colin says

    i want to win

  12. neesypea says

    Great giveaway as always! Thanks!!

  13. neesypea says

    Liked FuzzyMama on fb! 🙂

  14. arely colin says

    like u on facebook

  15. Jody says

    Liked and followed! And thanks for the tipoff–what a great site!

  16. Lisa says

    I love Fuzzymama – such great vintage stuff! I would love to win 🙂

  17. Lisa says

    I like you on Facebook!

  18. Lisa says

    I like Fuzzymama on Facebook too!

  19. Kiki says


  20. Kiki says

    follow you already!

  21. Kiki says

    Following Fuzzy Mama as well!

  22. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    Beth – the way you got your name shop is so funny! I found my love online, too!

    Always so nice to get to know my fellow vintage mamas better. 🙂

  23. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    I follow and tweeted on twitter!

  24. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    And I am a happy “liker” of MK on facebook, too!

  25. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    And of course I “like” fuzzymama on FB, too. 🙂

  26. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    I can’t believe I didn’t follow Beth on twitter before, but I do now!


  27. sandi d says

    Sign me up please! I already follow Fuzzymama and you lovely ladies via twitter. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. lishyloo says

    how was i not following fuzzymama on facebook? i am now! hee hee! we are dopplegangers and all!! i better win. i needs things, NEEDS I TELL YOU!!

  29. Hilla says

    great pieces…love it

  30. Hilla says

    and I already like you guys on FB

  31. Marie says

    Love it! And you are liked on FB

  32. jeannie says

    Here’s my comment for entry. I seriously ADORE her shop! I have jon jon love too!

  33. elle says

    Great giveaway! Already like MK and fuzzymama on Facebook! And following all on twitter!

  34. Eartha Kitsch says

    What a great shop! And that Sylvester and Tweety Bird dress is KILLING ME. What is also killing me is that she found seventy vintage kids’ items at one time. Hallelujah! That’s grand!

  35. tracy says

    Great stuff! Worthwhile to check back on a regular basis, you never know what Fuzzymama will find!

  36. kathryn says

    these ideas are so awesome! I love them all. thanks for the inspiration. big fan of the blog.

    kathryn (baby & kids gear) (crafts, design, food)

  37. Jocelyn Naquin says

    This shop is FULL of adorableness. So nice to be able to find so much cute stuff all in one place. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. kelly says

    I love her sense of style!

  39. kelly says

    Now following you on Twitter!

  40. kelly says

    Now following Fuzzymama on Twitter!

  41. kelly says

    Liked you on FB!

  42. kelly says

    Liked Fuzzymama on FB!

  43. vicki says

    lovin both vintage & modern @ the same time as well, i suppose that makes us well-rounded!

  44. Alice Jonsson says

    Can’t wait to hit some Swedish toy stores on vacation there next week! Have not been there since having kids. OK, enter me in this contest. Need vintage goodies.

  45. amanda says

    Love Fuzzymama so much, one of my favorite shops!

  46. amanda says

    Like Modern Kiddo on facebook

  47. amanda says

    Like Fuzzymama on facebook

  48. Katrina says

    what an adorable shop!

  49. Megret says

    Love to win! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  50. Megret says

    Already a FB fan!

  51. Christine says

    I dressed my son in some of those bright vintage “duds”. Most of stuff your showing came out when he was a little older.

  52. Celeste says

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize! Awesome little boy outfits 🙂

  53. Ashli says

    Great giveaway! My little girl could use some new vintage pieces!

  54. Harmony says

    The casserole dish is to die for!

  55. Mari, Small for Big says

    Yes please, I’ll take the win!

  56. Mari, Small for Big says

    Why yes, I do follow @galexina

  57. Mari, Small for Big says

    And lookey there, I follow @missdottie too.

  58. Mia says

    Yay a new lovely lady to follow on Twitter. 🙂

  59. Sue May says

    I love this giveaway and I’m now following Ms. FuzzyMama and Modern Kiddo!

  60. Elizabeth says

    Love her shop!

  61. Alex@MakesFunofStuff says

    so cute!

  62. marget says

    LOVE the fuzzymama shop! thanks 🙂

  63. Lindsey says

    Gah! I love Fuzzymama! I check her shop almost daily! In fact, I just looked and ended up buying the watermelon overalls for my son!! 🙂

    P.S. I entered all 7 ways!

  64. Samantha says

    Love Fuzzymama and her shop!!! Don’t forget to check out her great blog with kid’s craft ideas

  65. Honor says

    Oh please oh please. =)

    Thanks for the chance!

  66. Michelle White says

    Possibly the best giveaway ever!

  67. Michelle White says

    I follow on Twitter as playingturtle

  68. Michelle White says

    I am now following @galexina on Twitter as playingturtle

  69. Michelle White says

    I am now following @missdottie on Twitter as playingturtle
    Thanks again!

  70. Michelle White says

    I like you on FB.

  71. Michelle White says

    I like Fuzzymama on FB too.

  72. Michelle White says

    I follow Fuzzymama on Twitter as playingturtle

  73. Felicity says

    I am also a lover of graphic 70 prints, a vintage junky, and an enthusiast of all things fun. Nice stuff.

  74. katecake says

    Love “meeting” other like-minded, vintage lovin’ mammas! I have dressed all four of my sweet kiddos in vintage and I love it!

  75. Tee says

    Love vintage stuff! I would love to win. Here’s my main entry!

  76. Tee says

    I like you on facebook!

  77. Tee says

    Following on twitter @thatsitmommy!/ThatsITMommy/status/79580659848458240

  78. Tee says

    Following @fuzzymama now!

  79. Tee says

    Following MissDottie on twitter

  80. Tee says

    Following @galexina on twitter. =)

  81. Melissa says

    Oh boy! What a great giveaway. Thanks!

  82. Kari says

    Love vintage for my little guy!

  83. Kari says

    Already a fan of MK on fb

  84. Jami says

    Great giveaway!!

  85. Mary Cobb says

    What a great giveaway!

  86. Mary Cobb says

    I follow MK on Face book!

  87. Mary Cobb says

    I am now a fan of fuzzymama on facebook too!

  88. Maren says

    Following fuzzymama on twitter

  89. Maren says

    Now following modern kiddo on twitter

  90. psyche says

    i can only like you all on facebook, and cross my fingers that i win. it would be amazing since i JUST scoped out some adorable things in her shop that i would LOVE to have for my baby boy.

  91. Amy says

    I love all of these!

  92. Amy says

    I follow Modern Kiddo on facebook 🙂

  93. Amy says

    I follow fuzzymama on fb now too!

  94. Amy says

    I follow fuzzymama on twitter @808ducks

  95. Amy says

    following you guys on twitter still 😉

  96. Amy says

    following miss dottie on twitter

  97. Amy says

    following galexina on twitter!

  98. Marie says

    I followed both on facebook!

  99. Deb Leluga says

    the “lefties are better lovers” glasses crack me up! lol.

  100. Deb Leluga says

    now following @modernkiddo

  101. Deb Leluga says

    liked modern kiddo on fb

  102. Deb Leluga says

    liked fuzzymama on fb.

  103. Deb Leluga says

    now following @fuzzymama

  104. Wehaf says

    I love the wedge heels you featured!

  105. Gillian says

    Cute stuff!

  106. Kate says

    AMAZING! I am ordering so much stuff from their site, whether I win or not! 🙂

  107. Melanie says

    Adorable stuff!

  108. chelsea says

    oh man, that little sailor suit <3

  109. chelsea says

    followed you on twitter

  110. chelsea says

    followed fuzzy mama on twitter

  111. Angela says

    I hope I win!! Thanks for the chance!!

  112. Angela says

    Shared on Twitter!

  113. Angela says

    I like y’all on Facebook!

  114. Angela says

    I like Fuzzy Mama on Facebook too!

  115. Angela says

    I follow Fuzzy Mama on Twitter!

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