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Oooh lala. Vintage Monday Goes Couture!

So, I’m not usually one for ripping apart vintage items….I don’t really like cutting up old books and magazines. If I find something still mint in the vintage package?  It makes me a little sad to open it up—the packaging is half the awesomeness, right?? BUT I have to say this dress is totally cool. And I think you’ll agree!

Here’s how it all began. Artist, designer, and self-proclaimed “alchemist” Ryan Novelline had an awesome idea. He began with a collection of Little Golden Books. Some vintage, others a bit newer, but each filled with colorful fun illustrations. Colorful illustrations that look good enough to eat. Or wear.

He organized them by color.

Then began the process of diligently stitching them together.

Eventually the form took shape!

Ryan explained:

“The skirt is comprised entirely of the illustrations from the books sewn together with metallic gold thread, and the bodice is made from the books’ foil spines. Both the bodice and skirt have tape backing for reinforcement.”

Wow. I love that the foil spins make up the bodice! Amazing! I feel like I need to really step it up with Alix’s Vintage Book Shelf. Create a paper mini dress or go-go boots, no???

To see even more photos, please visit Ryan’s site at Ryan Novelline.

Thank you so much to my friends Heather (3 Ring Circus Vintage) and Baby Doe (Tiki Oasis) for hipping me to this groovy thang. You guys know me well!

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  1. lishyloo says

    it’s so freaking beautiful i am going to cry!!

  2. 3 ring circus • heather says

    i am not one for cutting up old books and packaging…but this is amazing!!!!

  3. gigi says

    that is incredibly lovely!!!

  4. Anne Jolly says

    This is just a little bit cool. Even for the whole vandalisim versus art / fashion

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