Our thoughts are with you, dear Boston.

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Oh Boston. How heartbreaking yesterday was. Alix and I were both so affected by this horrible tragedy.

I ran a marathon years ago.  It was one of the most exhilarating and powerful things I’ve ever done.  I spent months training and then flew across the U.S. to push my body  farther than I ever had before for a few hours.  That feeling of crossing the finish line was simply magical.  You aren’t just running alone—you are running with thousands of others. And you feel that you are part of something bigger than just 26.2 miles.  A community of people, all ages and sizes, that want to help you cross that finish line. It is truly beyond despicable that someone would chose such an uplifting and amazing event to terrorize— scarring both town and race forever.

People from Boston love their town fiercely.  That big city goes out of its way to make people feel welcome for this race rooting people they’ve never even met from countries all around the world.  And nothing gets them down—No Nor’Easter could blow away Boston’s spirit!  What a class act you are, Boston.

Alix and I both have ties there thanks to our college years, friends, living out there and visiting many times throughout our lives.  It doesn’t matter whether they are socialites or salt of the earth, folks from Boston have such big hearts. Big enough to make sure that everyone affected by this tragedy would be taken care of.  That is the only thing that helped me sleep last night.

Boston, our hearts are with you and your runners.



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