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Post Christmas Sale Vintage Kiddo Retro Round up!

I hope everyone had the best holiday ever filled with friends and family and good health.  I’m still sniffling a bit, but had quite my fill of egg nog and laughter and kisses under the mistletoe.

Well, it is the week after Christmas and every retail shop out there is offering terrific sales right now, so I thought I would find all clothes under fifteen dollars for this week’s vintage kiddo retro round up. Hurrah!

How could I not add this goodie to the list!  Vintage Polly Flinders 4T cuteness.  From eBay seller, Beverly and Duane.

Rah rah vintage school sweater to keep you warm this winter. From eBay seller, Blue Sky Diner.

Or the ric-rac cuteness of it all!  This little peachy summer pinafore is dreamy! From eBay seller, 49 River Girl.

Now this little red vintage sports coat is too darling for words.  And the little sailboat on it is killing me! From eBay seller, Mitcho.

Little Miss Sunshine dress is so aptly names and only $15.00 for this sweet size 6.  Such a good deal! From Pussycat Vintage.

Etsy seller, BabyComeBack says this sweet plaid turtle orange corduroy jacket kills her and I’m just as dead as she is!  And only 15 smackeroos.

Oh, this darling vintage red cardigan with white stripes and sweet white floral embroidery at the neckline is just lovely and comes with matching ducky gloves that are too adorable for words!  And just under EIGHT DOLLARS!!!  From Etsy seller, PrimitiveWhiteHouse.

Lishyloo always has a great selection of clothes at amazingly decent prices.  Like this terrific stripey shirt she’s calling the Bert & Ernie shirt.  For only FOUR DOLLARS.

I’m really in love with this pink stripe puffy sleeved girls blouse that 3 Ring Circus is selling for only 15 bones. I could see it at Janie and Jack for $40 at least. Such a nice deal!

And here is the best deal of the week–seven pieces of vintage HealthTex sweetness–BOYS CLOTHES–with a starting bid of $9.99.  From eBay seller, ktjetta.

Not too shabby of a round up today! Happy Monday!

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7 Responses

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  1. lishyloo says

    that polly flinders is to die for!

  2. keepingupwithstella says

    Great Monday round up! Hope you both had a great Christmas!!

  3. RocketGirl says

    That little yellow dress is just adorable! Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Alix says

    dottie you little dearie… awesome is this round up? $15? a steal!!!!
    the corduroy jacket is amazing! Peach needs that AND the Polly Flinders!!
    I don’t think the health tex are actually for boys (the 70s were hip but boys still weren’t brave enough to wear pink!) but who cares because they are amazing…and that one middle one HAS KNITTING NEEDLES ON “EM!!!!! You MUST get those too!!!! How cute is that???
    I missed you lady!

    • Dottie says

      Oof you are right of course! I blame it on all the nyqil I’ve been sipping on over the weekend. Hmm.. But maybe I’ll have to put a bid on that myself!

  5. 3 ring circus • heather says

    that health tex lot is pretty amazing!!!!

  6. Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids says

    Add another casualty to the list courtesy of that plaid turtle jacket – I too am dead as a door nail!

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