The Peach’s Holiday Hits.

Little Miss Peach ended up on the nice list this year, so Santa was extra good to her and brought dropped off some lovely toys under our Christmas tree. But two seemed to rise to the top.

The first, which she ran to as soon as she woke up: the shopping cart.

It was the most expensive prezzie, but was worth it as she’s put all of her babies in it and run it all over the house every day.

I thought it was a good call because every time we went into this one kiddo store, she ran right to the shopping cart and pushed it all over the store until I had to tear her away to leave.

Oh yes, and the babies in the cart are named “the other one” and “the big one”. Quite descriptive, no?

The other big hit was the $3.99 Golden book, The Fire Engine Book by Tibor Gergerly that we bought along with four others and we’ve read it at least 15 times a day.

But we don’t mind, when the illustrations are as stunning as these.

Like WPA work.

What were the big hits at your house?

16 thoughts on “The Peach’s Holiday Hits.

  1. As predicted by you, the stroller that went with the baby doll! She was quite taken with the baby doll until we pulled out the stroller, at which point she tossed Baby unceremoniously onto the floor and tried climbing into it. After an hour or so, though, we convinced her the stroller was for the baby, and now she pushes them both around quite merrily.

    Another big hit was the Tap-a-Tune piano!

    1. Hee hee! I’m so glad Miss Eliza digs her little stroller and the baby doll!

      Pianos are thee best! We too got a piano for the Peach–a little Shoenhut that I got on a huge markdown on Gilt and she’s been playing with it to death! I’d say that is the third most popular prezzie!

  2. Also, those Golden Books look great! We have a collection but they’re of the Scuffy the Tugboat variety, and while she loves the pictures, there’s a little too much text for her. Thanks for the tip!

    1. totally! I have a few from my own childhood, but I just love that they are so inexpensive. It totally bums me out that they say children’s books are a dying market. Sniff sniff!

  3. I like the Radio Flyer pony in the background!

    Our hits were books (thank goodness she’s a reader like me, now I can justify buying books by the truckload!), and this modern looking magna-doodle from Target for $12. No mess, and she can erase whatever she wants!

    1. We totally meant to get her a magna doodle but couldn’t find one at our Target! Maybe I’ll be able to pick one up post Christmas for her February birthday!

  4. hahaha, “The Big One” and “The Other One” is hilarious!!! I love the shopping cart! Wolfie walked so late, he would push his cart around as a walker and I swear he looked like a little homeless man.

    Peachie looks crazy cute in her little footie jammies!

      1. That is so where the Peach is going with her shopping cart. And when she had her little purse., I was totally getting a little bag lady vibe off of her and wanted to take the shopping cart away!

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