Rainy Day Vintage Sale Fun.

It’s been raining like crazy over here in the Bay Area. Like MEGA rain! Despite the weather, my friends and I decided to have another vintage sale. While the turn out wasn’t as big as we had hoped for (hey, when it’s pouring rain you kind of just want to snuggle up on the couch at home!) we still had an awesome group of peeps stop by. We always serve mimosas and tiki punch, so it’s a festive day for all! There was clothing and tons of brick-a-brack. I have as much looking at everything as I do selling!

I’m always trying to lure people to our sales with the promise of seeing Enid’s pad. I’ve posted about it before (like this one) and I still can’t get enough of her kooky retro pad! She is officially the girl with the most [vintage] cake. Her house is PACKED full of awesomeness. I think I need to go over there with a proper camera and do a house tour for you guys!

But enough house oohing and ahhing. Let’s see some of the goodies! I sold mostly clothing. My racks really thinned out, which was awesome. I gave my heart a shove and got rid of some really lovely items that I just don’t wear (or don’t fit me!).

There was so much color everywhere! So fun….

My friend Karen was selling this dress from the 40s— and it was spectacular!!! Look at the leaping poodles!!!

My friend Denise didn’t buy those, but she should have! It was amazing on her. “Kay Windsor…Half Sizes!” Love it.

A little Liberace? He’s so understated here….he demanded I put those ceramic poodles next to him for a little extra oomph!

This is a favorite—an enamel daisy pin still in the package! I actually have one too, a gift from Karen and its so excellent.

I have a thing for ephemera (aka vintage paper goods). And greeting cards are right up there! There was a whole box of mint birth announcements….

I mean who finds a box of vintage birth announcements for TWINS?? Enid. That’s who. I scooped up some fun birthday cards too, including this sassy fella.

Yeah, yeah. I’m supposed to be selling, but I can’t resist eyeing the other girls’ goods!!  Check these babies out. I resisted. but…

I also was in love with these mugs:

At the end I was pooped. And my footsies were sore. But I was able to unload some of the treasures I’ve stockpiled and see them go to wonderful new homes. All in all, not a bad way to spend a rainy day!

5 thoughts on “Rainy Day Vintage Sale Fun.

  1. super sad to have missed yet another fabulous vintage sale…if there is another, i’d love to know…you fab ladies always look like you’re having a great time AND the fashion….swoon….!

  2. OK, do you have an email invite list? If so, add me (iclm808@gmail.com) … so bummed to have missed but don’t always see FB feeds or visit sites 🙁 What fun!!! What treasures!

  3. Just stop it. You’re breaking my heart into a million little pieces. – signed EK (who is in stupid Tennessee and not even *close* to the Ugh House or you fabulous girls and your amazing stuff). Damn it. And yes! Please feature Enid’s house one day. It deserves nationwide worldwide attention. She does too, actually. Yes to both. : )

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