Real Life // A Trip to the County Fair

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Chocolate dip swirly cones….the Tilt-O-Whirl….sno-cones…corn dogs…frozen lemonade….that crazy game where you shoot water into the clown’s mouth and try to pop your balloon first to win a prize…I LOVE a good County Fair! We went to ours a few weeks ago (Weird Al was playing! Whoo hoo!) and man did we have fun. I’m not as into the “Everything Fried!” food stalls (although I was intrigued by the “Fried Nutella”) and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of wild rides. But there is just something so fun about the lights, sounds and tasty smells of BBQ and sweet treats that just makes me happy.

This year was especially sweet because we were able to really watch Wolfie blossom. Like I said, I looooove a good merry-go-round but I’m too chicken to try rollercoaster/crazy rides. Greg is a daredevil and will try anything. And my little Wolf? Welllll, typically, he tends to be like his mama….not very wild at heart when it comes to rides. He’s cautious. A little nervous when it comes to anything potentially scary. But for some reason this time he was really pushing himself. He was riding things he normally refused to, going on some rides all by himself—and even trying to make things spin faster or raising his arms up (where he usually clung to the safety bar).  It was such a sweet sweet thing to watch and made me have an even better time than ever before!

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How about you guys? Have you been to the County Fair this summer?? Are your kids thrill seekers or a little more on the cautious side?? I’m still too nervous to ride the ferris wheel….but for now, I’m just happy to admire it from afar.


8 thoughts on “Real Life // A Trip to the County Fair

  1. I LOVE the photos you took there! You captured such a beautiful mood. I think I missed my chances for a county fair this year. Darn busy summer! But these make me feel a little like I made it to one.

    1. aw thanks moe! I mean, there was crazy “PUMP thAT BASS!” club music playing at moments that were “ehhhhh not so good!” but it was really just a good ol time! Next year dames outting!!!!

  2. We just went to our county fair yesterday! We always love looking at all the 4-H animals the kids raised and my 4 year old really enjoyed the gem and mineral displays. This year, like Wolfie, she was much braver than before! She even convinced me to go up on the Ferris wheel. I held my breath the whole time (and it was the kiddie one ;-)!

  3. I can’t believe how much Wolfie has grown and could I get a hand dipped corn dog right now?

    I can’t wait to take the Peach next year! Right now, just going to that place near the Target in Hayward is more than enough excitement for her!

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