Real Life :: A visit from Auntie Faraway.

Before the Peach, before my sweetie, there was my dearest friend, Jen. Oh, the stories we could tell…  Through thick and thin and everything in between.

But I can’t lie—we both were nervous about how a baby would change our friendship.

And it did. It gave Jen a new best friend—the Peach. I cannot put into words how much this means to me–to have one of my dearest friends love my little girl.  But Jen is no ordinary person. She is brilliant, funny, and a million other adjectives that one would use to summarize one of their best friends.

Jen lived with me and Eric through one of the toughest times of my life–the end of my maternity leave and the beginning of me going back to work.  She was spending the summer getting ready to move to London where she was going to get her PhD from Goldsmiths—shedding the layers of her career as a music exec and fully embracing being a grad student. Both of us were redefining ourselves and such an experience could have driven us apart, but it actually made us closer and gave each of us a different perspective on the other person.  I am still in awe of Jen for leaving everything she knew to live in London and follow her dream.

Now Jen is traveling the world lecturing on fandom and rocking it so hard inspiring hundreds of students in England and beyond who look up to her as a role model.  I want to take her class on the history of the vinyl record! She still sends videos to the Peach and I try to talk to her at least once a week. We are constantly evolving and continuing to learn from life. And we laugh a lot.

I’m so happy that she still comes back to our little nook and plays with and loves on the Peach. And am honored that she is part of my family.

Yup, motherhood can create new amazing friends, but it can also bond old friendships in ways you can’t even imagine. And for that I’m so thankful!

Do you have a friendship that has stood the test of childhood and beyond?


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