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Another Fabulous MK Giveaway :: Misha Lulu!

Hoo boy!  This is one of those times when I wish I could win our giveaway because its for this insane-in-the-membrane little dressie from our new favorite kiddo designer, Misha Lulu. Presenting the “Red Sea Dress”!

Amazing, no? Karen Salazar and her husband Joe are the masterminds behind this gem of a design line. This is a lady I want to have drinks with. Like, really good drinks involving high quality liquor.

Clearly this retro-inspired design line is a family affair. Oh, and what a cutie family too!

I sat down for a little e-chat with Karen, the creative mastermind behind  Misha Lulu.

MK: What inspired you to start this wonderful line of girl’s clothing?

Karen: First of all it was my daughter Bela—our muse. The thought of being able to be at home and spend more time with her was very appealing. Next it was the love of everything retro. My husband and I love to collect vintage children’s book illustrations, so that is also a big inspiration. They bring back many fond memories from our
childhood. (MK: clearly, we need to hang out!)  Finally we just wanted to be able to do something on our own that we could hopefully pass down to Bela.

MK: You call this a family affair—can you tell me how everyone is involved with your product line?

Karen: Usually I come up with the concepts or sometimes Bela is interested in something that will give me my inspiration. Then my husband and I start brainstorming  and both of us will start sketching out our ideas.  From there we will refine the graphics we like and we both art direct each other.  We wear many hats in this company and we have to multi task constantly.

MK: But I bet they are fabulous hats!

Karen: Ha ha! Indeed! Also, my mom hand paints the aprons and Joe’s mom does crochet bows and hats that we offer for Fall. Bela is also involved by getting her hands into anything she can.

MK: I love it!  Go Grandmas! That might be the best thing I’ve ever heard about any fashion line EVER!  But I must ask one last question—what is your favorite item in this line?

Karen: I really like the “Click” dress, I love this mod silhouette and I adore stripes. This is a dress that I would definitely wear.

MK: Mod! Stripes! Karen, honey, you are speaking our language! Sigh, will you be our BFF? And make clothes in mama sizes? Hee hee! Thank you Karen!

So, now you see why we are so mad crushing on the Salazar family and the awesomeness that is Misha Lulu!

And why we are just tickled pink to offer you this gorgeous Red Sea dress for any little girl from the sizes 12 months to size 6. Amazing.

Now, to win this dandy little dressie of insane cuteness here’s all you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry
  2. Follow us on Twitter. If you are already a follower, tweet about this giveaway—don’t forget to include @modernkiddo in the tweet please! You can also follow our personal twitters @galexina and @missdottie
  3. “Like” us on Facebook
  4. Stop by the Misha Lulu blog and leave a comment! It’s a great blog that you’ll want to come back to again and again!

You’ll get one entry for each thing you do. If you do all three (or five) you’ll be entered three to five times.

Because I will be away on vacation, this fabulous Misha Lulu Giveaway ends on Friday April 29 at 8:00PM-PST and the winner will be announced Monday, May 3rd.

Good luck, and I’m crossing my fingers you win!


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129 Responses

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  1. ingrid says

    Mishalulu loveliness always makes me swoon. I don’t FB or twitter so I hope this one little entry is the one that wins!
    thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  2. kara rane says

    ✿ the red sea~~ dress = 100%♡

  3. Nicole says

    Love Misha Lulu! I have literally spent hours on their website. It is so beautiful and inspirational.

  4. Kami says

    Amazing work! I want o win!!!

  5. melanie says

    is it bad luck to leave the first comment? hope not! what a cute dress, thanks for giving one away.

  6. Gennie says

    Gorgeous! (The model and the dress) Fingers crossed – thanks, lovely mamas!

  7. sandi d says

    adorable dress! thanks for the giveaway!

  8. whitney says

    umm, yes please! this is the cutest dress!

  9. Ellie @ The Mommyist says

    Love this dress!

  10. adventures in babywearing says

    We are possibly Misha Lulu’s biggest fans! Ivy has several of the new pieces including Click dress! BUT we don’t have the red dress! Would love to win.


  11. Donaville says

    mondo adorable dress! love the styled shots with the globes, so inspirational.

  12. tyler terrell says

    That is soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!

  13. Zoe says

    Holey moley what a dress!!! and what a giveaway count me in 🙂

    Zoe x

  14. tyler terrell says

    Aspen would look great in this beauty!

  15. Melissa says

    Ahhh! Obsessed! This dress would look downright AMAZING on my little rascal, Everly.

  16. Melissa says

    Following all 3 of you on twitter!

  17. Melissa says

    And I really, really truly Like you on facebook 🙂

  18. emilyg says

    I love Misha lulu mostly because of the wholesomeness of the designs but also because my dd is sensitive to alot of materials and she doesnt react at all to misha lulu at all.

  19. Gwen Dapper says

    Such a super cute dress! Thanks for the opportunity!

  20. ellyn says

    love misha lulu!

    • Ellyn says

      And following @modernkiddo!

  21. Yolanda Robinson says

    Thank you for introducing me to yet another swoon worthy brand! fingers crossed!

  22. Emily Flippin Maruna says

    So cute!

  23. Cayce says

    Mishalulu is to die for. I design kids clothes and always feel like they are the line I’d most like to be some day 🙂 Pick meeee!

  24. Emily Flippin Maruna says

    I’ve liked you on facebook for awhile. how do you think I heard about this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  25. amanda says

    ooooh I LOVE Mishalulu and have been longing for one of their little dresses for ages. So happy about this giveaway, and loved reading your interview!

  26. amanda says

    ….liked on facebook….

  27. amanda says

    ….and commented on Mishalulu blog too!

  28. Emily Flippin Maruna says

    tweeted about it under the name flippincool

  29. Emily Flippin Maruna says

    am following MissDottie now under the name flippincool

  30. Emily Flippin Maruna says

    am following Alexandra Tayler

  31. Teresa says

    I love those dresses! My girls need those dresses! I must win!

  32. Teresa says

    I follow on twitter and I tweeted!

  33. Teresa says

    I follow MK on FB.

  34. Lindsey says

    Love this!!!! So beautiful!

  35. Michelle says

    Just amazing!!!

  36. Lisa says

    Love, love, love that dress!

  37. Lisa says

    I like you on Facebook 🙂

  38. Lisa says

    I commented over at Mishalulu blog too!

  39. misha lulu says

    I Love the post! so much fun!

    • Alix says

      We love YOU! You are so talented chica!

  40. Carl says

    These are really cool. Thanks!!

  41. sacha says

    <3 soo much!!!

  42. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    Wow, what a family! I’m so jealous that she’s surrounded by such amazing creativity. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  43. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    Happy to follow on Twitter!

  44. Krissy @ B.Inspired says

    And I “LIKE” on facebook, too!

  45. Mary Cobb says

    Love that dress!

  46. Mary Cobb says

    I like you on the facebook!

  47. Mary Cobb says

    I commented over at Mishalulu blog too!

  48. Mary Cobb says

    I follow MK on twitter!

  49. Mary Cobb says

    I tweeted this giveaway!

  50. Maya Brady says

    LOVE Mishalulu

  51. ira says

    Love that dress!

  52. pom. says

    Holy cute city!!!!

  53. Mo says

    Such a cute dress!!

  54. Michelle says

    my little Nova bean would look glam in that dress! love mishalulu!

  55. Michelle says

    i follow @modernkiddo


  56. Michelle says

    we’re friends on facebook!

  57. Michelle says

    i’m also a follower of @missdottie


  58. Michelle says

    so many times i can leave a comment lol
    i also follow @galexina.. and pout over her palm tree photos JEALOUS!


  59. Michelle says

    i tweeted!
    insane! @mishalulu giveaway over @ModernKiddo hope nova bean wins!

  60. Robina says

    Oh my goodness — what a lovely little dress!

  61. Marlena says

    If only I could get lucky this time. Lovely dress. Thanks.

  62. alissa says

    LOVE this brand!

  63. kasey at girl in the gray house says

    Love Misha Lulu! What an amazing family and clothing line!

  64. Manda says

    That dress is too cute!

  65. Manda says

    Like you on FB!

  66. erika jane says

    i love this line! the photography is great too! so cute!!!!

  67. Crystal says

    Positively beautiful and I love the story behind it. Thank you!

  68. anne says

    Misha Lulu is my absolute favorite line of girls’ clothes!! The dress here is so adorable!

  69. anne says

    I liked you on fb!

  70. anne says

    I left a comment on their blog : ) really really hoping I win….

  71. Emily Sandberg says

    yes please with sugar on top!


  72. marla says

    i have a little ladycakes i would LOVE to see in this dress!

  73. marla says

    like you on fb.

  74. marla says

    comment on misha lulu blog. thanks!

  75. Deanna says

    I liked you on facebook and left a comment on the Misha blog and here!

    I hope I win 🙂 thanks!

  76. Mandy says

    love love love misha lulu, thanks for the great interview!!

  77. Brandy says

    Love Misha Lulu! And this is totally one of my fav dresses! Of course I like you on FB! 🙂

  78. Wesley says

    Huge fan! Wish I could shrink down and squeeze into misha lulu! They dressed my daughter for her first day of kindergarten. Love it!

  79. arely colin says

    i want to win

  80. arely colin says

    like u on fb

  81. Jocelyn Naquin says

    What a gorgeous dress! I would LOVE to dress my little girl in that. Too bad I can’t get one for myself! 🙂

  82. Laurel says

    I would love to win! My daughter would look darling in that red dress.

  83. Laurel says

    I am now following you on twitter and have tweeted your contest.

  84. Laurel says

    Just liked your facebook page.

  85. Mishka Willis says

    I LOVE Misha Lulu!!!

  86. Gretchen says

    Just had a girl 8 days ago and I’d love to see her in some Mishalulu!!

  87. Adventures In Babywearing says

    I blogged about this today- and also comment on the Misha Lulu blog! 🙂


  88. Adventures In Babywearing says

    I like Modern Kiddo on Facebook!


  89. Sara Suastez says

    Oh my goodness! That dress is gorgeous!

  90. Kelli says

    wow, so excited for this giveaway! I adore Misha Lulu and would LOVE to win a new dress for my girlies!

  91. Kelli says

    I now like Modern Kiddo on fb!

  92. Kelli says

    Following on Twitter as well!

  93. Kelli says

    Comment left at Misha Lulu blog. Yay!

  94. Chelsei Ryan says

    I LOVE MISHA LULU. My daughter would look so cute in this dress.

  95. Chelsei Ryan says

    Like Modern Kiddo on FB
    Chelsei Ryan

  96. Breena says

    Just found your blog through Misha Lulus blog! Love it!

  97. Breena says

    Following you on Twitter!

  98. Breena says

    Liked Modern Kiddo on Facebook.

  99. Breena says

    commented on Misha Lulus blog.

  100. Bri says

    LOVE Misha! I want to have drinks with Karen as well!


  101. Bri says

    Commented on Misha Lulu’s blog. 🙂

  102. Andrea says

    This is my new blog crush! Love that dress!

  103. cari says

    I LOVE it! The photos are great and the clothing… even better!

  104. Thalita Dol says

    comented on karen’s blog, liked on facebook and comenting here! crossing my fingers!!

  105. Lorianne says

    Oh I love Misha Lulu! SOOO CUTE!

  106. Lorianne says

    I now like you on Facebook! My fingers are crossed! 🙂

  107. Elizabeth says

    SO darling!

  108. Erin says

    I love knowing about the visionary behind the designs!

  109. Monica says

    Misha Lulu rocks!!!!Love the new spring -summer collection!

  110. renee says

    oh how I would love to dress my little Mabel in such a fantastic frock!

  111. Sarah Schilke says

    Love, love, love! My little Meadow would look darling in this sweet dress!

    I’m following ModernKiddo on Twitter, tweeted about the giveaway on my personal account , “liked” on FB, and posted all necessary blog comments (here and at Misha Lulu!!

  112. NIssi says

    Love this dress! Misha Lulu is a newfound favorite clothing brand!

  113. Breena says

    I’m following @galexina!

  114. Breena says

    Following @MissDottie too!

  115. Sara Sophia says

    I die, DIE, of love for Misha Lulu.

    There isn’t a single item in any of the collections that I’m not crazy about—I love that children’s clothing has become so creative. Totally wishing these styles came in my size!!


  116. Sara Sophia says

    Tweeted here:


  117. Sara Sophia says

    Liked you on facebook and am now following your personal twitters (although that sounds cheeky).


  118. Sara Sophia says

    Commented on Karen’s blog!


  119. Samantha says

    This dress is adorable and would look perfect on my niece!! 🙂

    I am now following ModernKiddo, Alex and Dottie (Happy birthday, girl!) on twitter. I tweeted the link to the contest (even though my odds of winning will diminish) – lol. I “liked” the MK FB page and am now off to visit (and comment on) the Misha Lulu blog!

    • Samantha says

      Left my Misha Lulu blog comment on Annie’s birthday entry! Yippee!

  120. Vanessa at Strickly Speaking says

    Absolutely adorable! I don’t have any little girls of my own but a lot of my friends do and I would love to be able to gift them one of these beauties.

  121. Anne-Lise says

    My almost 2 year old bull-dozer of a boy will not do this dress justice. Crossing my fingers for a baby girl and this R-A-D dress. Yes, PLEASE!

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