Real Life:: Block Party–I’m with the Band!

This weekend my little block had its annual block party!  But my little block has its own special twist on the time-honored block party idea.  Years ago, the high school band teacher lived on our block and held a drum-line contest! whole block would chip in funds for a super sweet trophy for the winner.  It is a wonderful tradition and I’m so lucky I landed on this block.

So from 10AM to noon, our little block is treated to some of the finest middle school and high school bands around. And friends, let me tell you–nothing makes you smile more than watching a bunch of mildly awkward teenagers make music while walking in formation.

Oh the memories. How they come flooding back!

The bright polyester uniforms that don’t totally fit right? Because chances are you probably went through a growth spurt, lost baby fat, or dear God–got boobs sometime during the school year.

And did I mention that heavy knit polyester isn’t really a friend to teens who are trying to figure out the whole body odor thing…. Yeaaahhhh….

But you were in band because you loved music and wanted to make music.

And not only did you make music, you made friends.

And don’t slag the flag and rifle team, because those girls ROCKED IT!!! (Said a past band-front girl…)

This is where it starts, friends.  Because to get to THIS:

Sometimes, you need to do this:

So, I salute you future Dave Grohl, Meg White from the White Stripes, Sheila E, and Cindy Blackman, drummer for Lenny Kravitz. I can’t wait to see where you land!

Were you in band? What instrument did you play? I was actually in the orchestra making the most frightening sounds with my violin. And then bass violin, which *MIGHT* have been inspired by that vintage Tom and Jerry cartoon… I’m just sayin…

PS: I am super sick right now, so I’m going to post the newest giveaway either later today or Thursday.

8 thoughts on “Real Life:: Block Party–I’m with the Band!

  1. Wonderful entry! You are so right about our young teenagers needing more good music in their lives! And how lucky are you, to have this happening in your own neighborhood! Its incredibly inspiring! And before you know it: your little Peach will be marching down your own street playing her heart out with her drum? trumpet? flute?
    How exciting

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