Retro Rainbow // PURPLE

It’s time for a little Purple Reign! So yes, purple. Violet. Plum. It’s such an interesting color. Quirky. Cool. A touch regal. It was loads of fun searching the house for treasures in this vibrant shade. I was surprised to find such a big variety of goodies to include in collection.

 photo kittyhanging.jpg

 photo Pucci.jpg

 photo books.jpg

 photo Slippy.jpg

 photo IceCapade.jpg

 photo Donnycopy.jpg

 photo goofygrape.jpg

 photo Josie.jpg

 photo records-2.jpg

 photo Ken.jpg

 photo DreamPetLavender.jpg

 photo shoes.jpg

 photo playingcards.jpg

 photo knitbag1.jpg

Isn’t is purdy?? And can you guess what that last item is? Nope, it’s not a skinny purse. It’s a tote for knitters! You can place a ball of yarn (or two!) inside and your long, long knitting needles.

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