Sale Alert: LittleMissMatched!

I love my friend Susan.  She’s quite simply wonderful.  I could spend at least a week telling you all about her great sense of humor, her ability to get off a nonstop flight from London and cook a dinner party for 12 including a signature cocktail involving gin and rosemary. I’ve called her crying–in joy, in anger, in grief and she’s always been there.  Her Burns parties are mythic.   She gets everyone to eat Haggis while downing more scotch than one would think was physically possible.  And I’ve seen her in everything from  silk ballgowns to flannel nightgowns–and she always looks stunning. But mostly in running clothes.  With her famous mismatched socks.

So, I immediately thought of her when I heard of Little MissMatched’s great sale right now. Including some great deals  on their signature mismatched three sock sets.

Aren’t they wonderful?

And these grand pajamas are a terrific price too. And check out these gorgeous heart tights.

So stock up now while you can!  You must buy a pair of these socks because are brilliant and wonderful and fun and just like Susan.

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