San Francisco’s Famous Brown Twins // End of an Era

Vivian and Marian Brown have been a beloved San Francisco institution for 40 years. They could often be seen walking through the streets of North Beach in their sassy matching outfits—always a hat and identical little hairdos. They had a fondness for leopard! It was always a thrill when you’d see them walk on by, with their bright and cheery smiles. We were quite saddened to hear that Vivian (the elder twin by 8 minutes) passed away last Friday. The two women were inseparable, so we can only imagine how Marian must feel.




Rest in peace, Vivian. You will be missed…

6 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Famous Brown Twins // End of an Era

  1. Oh my goodness what a happy and stylish pair! So sad for Marian – but they surely made the world a bit brighter with their outfits and crazy drawn-on eyebrows. They look like characters from a Diane Arbus photo only they’re far too chirpy! x

  2. How sad. I lived in their neighborhood, up the street from the pizza place where they ate every Monday at 5:30, so I often saw them on my way home from work. They ate at the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square on Thursdays (always in section 40s or 20s), and never failed to draw a crowd of kids at their feet when they waited for a table.

    They’re true San Francisco institutions: eccentric and famous just for being eccentric and famous! Rest in peace, Lady Vivian!

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