Sponsor Love: Kyssa Vintage Etsy Shop

We are so darn lucky here at Modern Kiddo. Because we have the dandiest, sweetest,  most charming sponsors around. Like Amanda Zink of Kyssa Vintage.

Isn’t she a cutie?

And her little one is such a little cutie patootie too! I had to share this image–it’s just so darling.

I fell in love with Kyssa way before she was a sponsor, because she kept posting adorable vintage togs for kids in her shop like this:

And this:

Oh yeah and this:

I know right? Totally awesome! So we were tickled pink when she signed on as a sponsor to boot! And she’s really quite a fascinating lady.  I e-chatted with her over a couple of iced lattes and here is what she had to say:

MK: When did you start falling in love with vintage clothes? 

Amanda: It started with a box of vintage shoes and handbags my Amma (Icelandic for grandma) gave me and my cousins to use for “dress-up” clothes. The sparkly gold and silver ones from the 1960’s were my favorite, they went the nicest with the closet of old bridesmaids dresses we also got to play with. I still own the strappy gold shoes with the matching handbag today.
I started buying vintage clothing for myself when I was fourteen and it’s been a love affair ever since.

MK: I hear you, lady!What inspired you to open this shop? 

Amanda: I originally opened Kyssa Vintage as a way to clear out my closet. Like most vintage lovers I have a hard time passing up an amazing article of clothing just because it doesn’t fit right and intend to take it in a bit, shorten the hem, or lose a few pounds to make it fit…..so I buy it. This translated into an obscene amount of clothing and felt it was time to start letting things go. It just seemed a bit selfish to hang on to these beautiful clothes I’m not wearing when they could be bringing joy to somebody else.
When I was pregnant with my daughter Luna my shop was put on hold for a bit and it was during this time I started collecting vintage baby clothes. It became obvious that this was the direction I needed to take my shop in, the more I became passionate about finding one-of-a-kind pieces. Hunting for vintage children’s clothing is thrilling to me and I always go for quality over quantity.

MK: Which is why I LOVE your store! I can always find something fab up there. What is your favorite item in the shop right now? 

Amanda: It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but I do have a soft spot for vintage hand knit sweaters. Knowing that each one was created with a loved one in mind and seeing the attention to detail makes them that much more special. It’s for these reasons the Hunny Bunny Sweater is a favorite. (see photo above)
I’m also crazy about little rompers. If that white Gone Fishin’ Romper wasn’t too small for my daughter you can bet I would be keeping it!

MK: I featured that fishing romper last week! I love it so!What would be the holy grail of vintage awesomeness for you to find and why? 

Amanda: I am not one of those people who has a list of things they hope to score one day. For me it is much more fun experience to go thrifting with an open mind- this way there is less disappointment and it’s so exciting to find those unexpected treasures. Recently it was an amazing vintage bicycle that my partner Rob found for me, in perfect riding condition and in the prettiest shades of brick red and powder blue. I never would have expected to find one to take the place of my cherished old John Deere bike, but this beauty did. And it was only $10. How’s that for awesome?

Isn’t she great?

And get this: Amanda is offering Modern Kiddo readers a 10 percent discount (MODERN KIDDO is the code–natch!) on her shop all week long (until Friday, April 8th), so take advantage of it and grab some of her goodies now while you can! And thanks again Amanda for sponsoring the kiddo!

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