Stylie Camping for Kiddos.

Oh how I wish this little charming camping kit really existed! How cool would that be?

The sweet s’mores kit, pack of fire starters, and lantern are pretty adorable….but my favorite? The little blue harmonica. Perfect for fireside sing-a-longs! If you look closely you’ll see each item has it’s own playful little animal character—the lantern is an owl, the bear for the s’mores etc. And everything is housed in an oversized matchbox. Love it. I think it would be fun to create your own version of this—maybe packed in a little suitcase, like these from Papersource.

This beautiful concept, as well as illustrations, are by Sutasinee C. Seitz. image: the die line

If the weather is ffffreeeezing where you are, how about some cozy living room camping? There’s nothing more fun than an indoor tent. I leave you with this cool Coleman lantern lamp from uncommongoods. Heh. So good.

I know you folks on the east coast are experiencing snow, snow, snow and you probably think I’m crazy to even THINK about camping—but here in California we have had a crazy run of warm weather so I have summer dreams on the brain. Winter, step aside. We’re ready for some camping fun! So, what’s it like where you live? Did the crazy snow hit your neighborhood??

7 thoughts on “Stylie Camping for Kiddos.

    1. The snow is so perty, and I miss it a bunch….but I know I’m lucky because I get one magical week in decemeber. My parents are quick to remind me that after 3 months of cold and grey, dingy snow the charm wears off!! haha

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