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Smock it Up!

I love art class in elementary school.  My art teacher sent everyone home with a note asking parents to send along an old button down shirt from Dad’s closet to be used as a smock.

Of course, today’s kids are far too fabulous to wear something as humdrum as that! Particularly when there are so many good options for keeping your little kiddo’s fancy duds paint-free?

Lindsay over at The Good Ship Lollipop has one of the sweetest little smocks I’ve ever seen made out of gingham and floral oilcloths.  If this doesn’t inspire your little Georgia O’Keefe, I don’t know what will!

And check out the back view–it’s as pretty as the front. She also offers buyers a chance to choose their own oilcloth.  These are almost too cute to to wear only for arts and crafts.  Hmmm…  I wonder if  I could get away with putting the Peach in this as a dress…

Your little one will be craving Cray-Pas wearing this fun eco-friendly smock from 3 Sprouts.  If you aren’t keen on the frog, they also have a moo cow and monkey!

Land of Nod has a great selection of apron smocks that come in a great selection of prints from girly girly pink to manly plaid to dots dots dots.

And for the truly virtuous crafty people out there, I present you with this very clever tutorial to make your own smock from the fine folks at Prudent Baby, one of my favorite blogs out there!

But of course you can always use an extra large button down shirt…