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Vintage Kiddo :: The 70s Retro Playground.

As you guys all pretty much know by now, I am crazy about the 60s and 70s. I kind of thought I’d seen and remembered it all, until a friend sent me a few photos of a playground that still had swings and slides from the 1970s. And lawdy did it ever take me back! I had TOTALLY forgotten about most of these, but seeing them again made me smile. I know they don’t make them like this anymore for fear of accidents (the metal designs are begging for injuries) but at the same time it makes me a tad sad that we are a generation who bubble wraps their kids. Look HOW MUCH FUN these things are….I am especially fond of the rocket ships and space themed playgrounds. Just think how many space missions went down on these cool things:

And what kid didn’t want to spin around at a zillion miles an hour on one of these dealies??

Aw, look at these guys. I ask you, what’s wrong with them? They’re totally cute. So much more fun than the plasticky stuff on playgrounds today.

Oooh, yeowtch! Remember sliding down one of these babies on a hot hot day?? Yeah. Butt burner for sure.

OK, who came up with this one? The sliding wall of doom. [“Frank, got an excellent idea for down at the playground. We take a 10-foot tall piece of metal, stick it on an angle and let that sucker bake in the hot afternoon sun. The kid’s will love it!”]  I guess it was still pretty fun—when it wasn’t giving you burns on your hands or blinding the hell outta you.

I vaguely remember these McDonalds playgrounds—pretty hilarious. Love the Big Mac police guy climber dealie. And the Mayor McCheese spinner was the best! For some reason these seem way less germ-laden then the current McPlayhouses I see. I’m sure it’s all in my imagination, but still…

OK I don’t know what the hell this thing is….and even I have to admit it looks like it’ll slice yer head off:

Ahh, the ol orange juicer!  How I loved these!

The capper, however is this guy. WOWZA! Never tangoed with him on the playground, but imagine how cool it would have been??

Oh Giganta, how we miss ya. Do you guys have modern playgrounds in your area or are there still some remnants of the glory days??

IMAGES: Props to scotamus on Flickr, who has THE BEST vintage playground photos, please check him out.
And thank you to neatocoolville for the groovy MickyDees shot.