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Amazing Umbrella Fix Tutorial!

Have you ever gone to an estate sale and come across some old tatty vintage umbrellas? Such beautiful prints, but alas the fabric is ripped? Well, I do. A lot.

Last year, I saw this beautiful umbrella in the garbage at an estate sale and plucked it out for free. Who doesn’t love a cheery yellow umbrella on a gloomy rainy day? But the side rip was a real downer.

Until I decided to fix it! Fifteen minutes later and I was walking on sunshine with my dandy new umbrella.

Let me show you how:

Easy peasy, right?

So, next time you see one of those charming busted brollies in the trash at the estate sale, grab it!

Happy crafting, friends!


One, Two, Cha Cha Cha :: Vintage Dance Class

I am an unabashed pop culture junkie…and I have to confess of all the shows I watch, one of my very favorites is So You Think You Can Dance. Miss Dottie is a super fan too and we will be watching eagerly all summer long! If you don’t really like Dancing With the Stars, I think you’ll still like this show. And if you ARE a fan of DWTS, then you’ll LOVE SYTYCD. It probably has the lamest name of any TV show out there, but it’s great fun and you totally get to know and love all these young awesome dancers. And let me just say the dancing is both inspiring and spectacular—a cool mix of modern, hip hop, contemporary and yes…..ball room. Which leads me to today’s post.

Long before tans, bedazzled bodysuits and feathered hair clips were a glimmer in Bruno and Carrie-Anne Inanba’s eyes, there was Arthur Murray. Arthur Murray was the master of the ballroom  and his famous chain of dance studios were all the rage back in the 1950s. The country was really embracing “exotic cultures” and Latin influenced music  was extremely popular. Everyone was dying to learn how to cha cha or mambo and that, of course, meant DANCE CLASSES baby!

I thought it would be fun to take a look at these amazing photos from a Chicago-area Arthur Murray Dance Studio back in 1958-1962. I love that couples would get all gussied up and spend the night twirling away. “A beguiling mixture of awkwardness and grace.” Oh yes!

Images: Square America

Makes me want to put on my dancing shoes! And you know, just in case you are wondering….So You Think You Can Dance is on Wednesday and Thursday and we’re JUST in the audition phase. C’mon. You know you want to.

Tiny Dancer :: Vintage Ballerina Love

Via: Kitsch and Curious

I don’t know about you, but I had one of those ballerina jewelry boxes that I loved so much. Not because I had oodles of fine jewels that needed to be protected, but of course because of the wonderous twinkly toed ballerina spinning away to a little tune.

Of course I wanted to be a ballerina.  I mean, isn’t it almost a right of passage for little girls to want to be a dancer? But I must admit I think I wanted to be a ballerina for one reason only–the fashion of it all.

Oh, if I had a dime for all the things I did because I liked the outfit. Please note that that will be a separate post on its own.


Of course there were the class photos with the other well turned out ballerinas, like these below…

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a similar photo of myself like this…

1, 2, 3, 4.

I also remember wanting one of these ballet boxes so badly.  You can find a few on Ebay every now and then.  Here are some other cool ones.

And of course ballerinas were a great design/style theme across almost all decades.

Don’t you love this sparkly little ballerina?

Or this high relief ballerina in a frame?

Or your could start your little one’s love of ballet with a ballerina jewelry box–maybe just like the one you had as a kid.

Hee! Did you take any ballet classes as a child? Did you love it or hate it?

Vintage Monday :: The Fine Fashions of Retro Disneyland

My bio on Flickr has always said, “My name is Alexandra. Some people call me Alix. I’m addicted to thrifting. I love Disneyland and Christmas.” And really, I can’t think of two things that make me feel more nostalgic and happy than Christmas and Disneyland. I’m not a Disneyana lover—I don’t collect little pins or modern Mickey paraphernalia. But old school Disneyland? I die. It makes me so happy. Much like vintage airline stuff (which also gets me doing a happy dance), it was more of a special occasion back in the day. Less about flip flops and tank tops and more about dressing up and enjoying the magic of The Happiest Place on Earth. So when my friend Andrea‘s hubby Ward called my attention to Kevin Kidney’s blog, well, I just about died. You must swing and see what he has going. His friend Tim Haak discovered “a treasure trove of twelve original color negatives showcasing females in fabulous clothes against the fairy-tale backdrop of Disneyland.”  He’s not sure the history behind them, but he said they were taken for the April 9, 1961 issue of Midwest Magazine, a supplemental newspaper insert in the Chicago Sun-Times. High fashion AND vintage Disney?? I’m in heaven! Kevin is my new hero…..please visit his blog to see these photos in their full size glory, but for now enjoy this little peek:

Mad Hatter ain’t got nothin’ on that sassy dame. And look who we have here….casually chillin’ by the pirate ship. “Loving yer haaaarrrrrrrrrrr, lady!”


Let’s look closer….that HAT! Divine!!!

This one kills me….all lounging against the Pinocchio whale.

That tiny waist…..wowza! And the little girl in the background almost steals the show.

And finally, The Matterhorn Maddness:

Oh yes. Closer please:

I should have called this one the “Whatsa Matterhorn?” I love Mickey in his sassy little boots and hotpants!!! And those rosey cheeks? Makes me think Mickey’s been hitting the mai tai’s over in the Enchanted Tiki Room!!

Thank you so much Kevin for sharing this amazing AMAZING find with us! Like I said, please visit his blog….it is so full of fabulous stuff, including Kevin’s fantastic art work. I feel a special Vintage Disney Post in the works….stay tuned!

Girlie Style :: Wearing Vintage Pins.

Last week I was thrilled to be a part of In Bloom, a fun week of cool style post organized by the very sassy  My Girl Thursday and Little Tree Vintage! I had such a blast….I wanted to share my Guest Post with you here as well. My topic? Styling vintage pins!

As you all know, I have a major vintage obsession. I especially love the colors and shapes, soooo I thought it would be fun to take a look at one of my favorite colorful accessories: the vintage pin. Small but mighty, vintage pins can really pack a punch and show off your personality beautifully!

Look how pretty these pins are! I love sparkly rhinestone ones—especially those in whimsical shapes like starbursts and butterflies.

I have to say my heart belongs to those quirky enamel flower pins from the 60s. They’re so playful and fun.

The classic way to wear a pin or brooch is on a cardigan. I love them this way! I’m a maximalist—so one is never enough. Don’t be afraid to pile them on.

While you can definitely wear pins on cardigans and dresses, I wanted to show you some other ways to rock the vintage pin. It’s the perfect way to add a little punch to any outfit. First up—cuff ‘em!

This is a sweet and unexpected way to add a little personality to yer jeans. I had never seen this before and was just inspired one day to add a little something fun to my outfit. I love how it looks!

You’ve tackled your cuff, why not add a fun pin to your hatband for head-to-toe cuteness? It works on any kind of hat (a floppy sunhat! a cozy ski cap!) but I love the incongruous look of a masculine fedora with a sweet flower.

Did you know that these flower pins were often giveaways? Its’ true! My awesome friend Karen (of 97 Things to do Before I turn 97) gave me a lovely daisy pin still in the package—it’s so cool. According to the label it was hanging around a bottle of Rose’s  Hand Lotion. So cool! Alas, I forgot to snap a photo. I’ll do it soon, I promise!

Scarves can be a little slippery. A sweet pin guarantees your scarf stays in place. It’s also a fun alternative to a necklace. I’m using flower pins in this story, but a rhinestone pin would be just as cute.

I bought this simple cloth tote at Old Navy. It was cute but it looked a little plain, soooooo I added some a handful of my favorite pins!

If you’re not in the mood to wear a bright accessory on your outfit, think about adding a little touch on the collar of your coat.
TIP: If you have longer hair, avoid putting pointy pins (like the spiky daisy I put on the hat) on your collar or cardigan. Your hair will catch on it like crazy! Trust me…

So there you have it. Cheerful, sweet and super easy peasy to style! What’s not to love? You can easily find them online at Etsy or eBay!