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Adventure Time Birthday Party Fun!

Pilgrim Lee is no slouch when it comes to birthday parties. She thrilled us all with her beyond fabulous Willie Wonka Birthday Extravaganza for her sweet boy Donovan’s 5th birthday. This fall she put together another wonderful party based on Little D’s love of the wacky animated series Adventure Time. It looked like a blast!

Lumpy Space Princess Rice Crispy Treats
Tree Trunks’ Apple Pie Pops
Slime Princess Passionfruit Jello Cups
Gumdrop Dudes & Gummi Worms
Princess Wildberry Lollies
Tart Toter Gingerbread Men
Royal Jam Tarts
Witch’s Garden Donuts
Candy Kingdom Fairy Bread
{bread and butter with sprinkles – an australian party staple}
Princess Bubblegum Punch
{Cottee’s Bubblegum Cordial – similar to Koolaid!}
Marcelline the Vampire Queen’s Red Juice {aka apple and black currant juice}
Hot Dog Princess Hot Dogs
Sword Picks: Pickle, Cheese, & Kabana Sausage

{I just watched the Paul Newman/Robert Redford movie The Sting over the holidays with my mom—it takes place in the 1930s and “jake” was slang for a-ok!}

Ice King ‘Freeze!’ – party guests move to music—the Ice King would freeze players when the music stopped.
Snail Treasure Hunt – each episode of Adventure Time features a little snail, i assigned each kid a color and wrapped 2 small gifts for them in corresponding tissue paper sealed with a picture of the snail. then they were hidden in the garden!
The Illustrious Lady Rainicorn Pinata!

Thank you so much Donovan and Pilgrim for sharing your special day with us! We can’t wait to see what SEVEN brings!!! You can browse Pilgrim’s fantastic prints in her shop here.