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My Rocking Wardrobe rocks.

I must admit that after being swamped by sci-fi wackiness for the past week, I was craving a little change of palette if you will–from all the space age/vampire/zombie/superhero/steampunk sassiness of Comic-Con.  Something the exact opposite.  I needed a large dose of truly girly girliness. Bring on the pretty flowers, the pink, the bows, the ruffles, the lace.

Bring on My Rocking Wardrobe. Now this wonderful site does carry a great selection of boys clothes as well as some sweet pieces for women too. But their collection of goodies for little girls is just breathtakingly darling.

As you can see below. Apple pockets on leggings with red polkadot cuffs? Or a perfect creamy puff-sleeved, peter pan collared bit of perfection with pig tails? Either way, my heart just smiled.

Even the socks are button cute. Little red riding hood and bunnies. Does it get any cuter?

Have you noticed the apron pinafore dress has returned with a vengeance this season?  But add gingham and ruffles and hearts on mine please.

You didn’t think a little doe could get any cuter, but then you add pink polka dots and a ruffle. Oh, and why not add a gingham waistband and sweet rose filled apron to a red skirt.  Just ignore that exploding sound–it’s only my head.  Exploding with cuteness that is!

Let’s take a closer look at those leggings shall we? I just found a new thing to obsess over. Strawberry leggings.

Ahh! This was just what the doctor ordered for me. And of course hugging and kissing the Peach.  Is there anything better than grabbing your little ones after being away and smelling their sun warmed hair and hearing them say mama mama mama mama? Nope there isn’t.

I’m so glad to be back to regular posting after a week away. Three cheers for Alix for holding down the fort with some amazing posts and her normal joie de vivre that I’m so very lucky to bask in on a daily basis.  I love ya to bits, Miss Alix. And gentle readers–all of you–it is such an honor to write for you all and thank you for your patience with me as I try to balance this jam-packed albeit lovely little life of mine and continuing to come back to our little nook of the Web.