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Alix’s Vintage Bookshelf // Bernice Meyers

Welcome to another edition of Alix’s Vintage Book Shelf! I pour through my collection of vintage children’s books and show off some of my favorites. This week I’m featuring Bernice Meyers. ¬†Oh Bernice! Her work makes me so crazy…but crazy in a good way! She does the sweetest illustrations and for some reason I just loooove how she draws little hands (sounds weird, but just you wait!).

Apparently her early career was in the fashion industry. Eventually she recognized her true calling: children’s book illustration! These illustrations are so charming and delightful. They are from the Golden Book, Pear-Shaped Hill by Irving Leitner published in 1960. The story is sweet but it’s Bernice’s drawings that have me grinning!

See? Look at those little adorable little fingers! I love how daintily she is holding the butterfly net and birdcage.

Peter, you lucky dawg.

The colors and cool textures are so very dreamy…and who can resist this rascally snake??

A little closer please?

Awww those widdle bunnies!!

The animals are all super sweet.

Even the end papers are adorable….check out this groovy guy:

Isn’t the cutest? It’s one of my favorite book in my collection. You can see some of my past favorites here.

I’ll be back later today with a little update on Wolfie’s birthday bash this past weekend. We had a blast!