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One Jacket = Three QUICKIE Costumes!

 photo WolfgangHM_0copy.jpg

We have been loving the H&M Halloween costumes around these parts….and I was thinking, ya know you really can get SO much more use out of them than just one outfit. I thought it would be fun to see how you could turn the Pirate Coat into several different costumes! I will tell you that this isn’t a fancy photo shoot. We did NOT spend much time on this—I wanted to see if I could just grab things we had around the house to transform the looks in 15 minutes or less. Let’s go!

 photo photo3copy.jpg

COSTUME: H&M pirate coat, one crazy light up pumpkin sword from Walgreens, one hat and hook from the Halloween Party Store. I’d also add an eye patch!

{I went as a pirate wench one year and the hat and hook were leftovers from my costume…I did not look NEARLY as cool or cute, and looked more like a waitress from Long John Silver!!!!}

 photo photo2.jpg

This next one is especially appropriate for my little Wolfgang….

 photo WolfgangHM_3copy.jpg

COSTUME: Pirate coat, violin, hair in ponytail

{OK OK, so we cheated a bit here by using a real violin. You def wouldn’t want to trick or treat with that! I would use a toy violin/piano or make one out of cardboard. OR simply have them carry around a scroll of sheet music and a conductor’s wand. If your child is more cooperative, add a black ribbon around the pony tail!}

 photo WolfgangHM_1copy.jpg

And finally….

 photo WolfgangHM_MJ2.jpg

COSTUME: Pirate coat, fedora, sparkly glove.

{I didn’t add sparkles to this glove, but you get the idea! I’d probably add longer pants….even jeans…and a microphone.}

 photo WolfgangHM_6.jpg

 photo WolfgangHM_4copy.jpg

There you have it! The possibilities are pretty endless….if you were crafty, you could make a pumpkin head/mask and go as the headless horseman….you could wear a top hat and carry a stuffed animal lion/tiger and go as a circus ring master….you could even use the same pirate hat, simply powder your kiddo’s hair white and go as George Washington or Paul Revere!

 photo WolfieHM_pirate.jpg

I swear I’m loving all of these ideas! Hmmm, I think I need to track down a pirate coat for ME! {get the H&M pirate coat here…)