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5 Halloween Costume Rejected Ideas (that are actually totally AWESOME!)

I love Halloween. Yes, the candy is dandy and the trick or treating is super fun. But for me it’s all about coming up with a brilliant Halloween costume idea.  And I have millions of ’em folks. MILLIONS! And yes, I might have had a couple of drinks before I came up with some of my best ideas! My sweetie Eric thinks all of them are completely insane and totally not appropriate for the Peach. Which is why she is going as a cowgirl this year. I know. I know.  So I will share my little Halloween gems with you!

Here are my top costume ideas. Enjoy!

(You’ve all seen the video right?)  This is the perfect costume, as you can tell all the little old ladies on your block that your kid is a skunk. All you need is a black hoodie from Champion, black leggings or sweatpants from Target, a fake snake, and some white felt that you hot glue to the top of the hoodie down the back and use to create a tail. You can follow your kid around and ask them to run backwards and every now and then yell, “Eeew! That’s DISGUSTING!” I’m telling you. It’s genius!

Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the coolest guy in the world. JUMPING OVER A FREAKING SHARK, FOLKS!  And it gives you, Mom a chance to dress up as Pinky Tuscadero–just like I always wanted to in fifth grade.  All you need is a kid-sized motorcycle jacket, some little shorts, and a plushie shark.  Generation X parents will totally sneak you an extra Reese’s peanut butter cup for this costume.

Image via: James Lewis

Because nothing says fun like Dickensian poverty! Right?  What else could a kid go as from Mary Poppins! And who doesn’t like a good cockney accent? Black pants, a little tweedy vest, newboy cap, and make a chimney sweeper using black pipe cleaners and yer done! A little black make up on the face and voila! Straight outta Mary Poppins.  Oh hey, they have that costume already in the U.K. Go figure!

Capture that sweet seventies tropical TV feel with dressing your kiddo up as Tattoo from Fantasy Island.  With a grand option of Dad going as Mr. Rourke.  All you need is that little white tux, and a very very small toupee.  And any kid can point to the sky and yell, “THE PLANE! THE PLANE!”

I’m so in love with this idea from Alix!  Really, it’s more of a question of how can you NOT dress your child as Little Edie?!  All you need is a vintage scarf from your closet, a wee fur coat, and a leotard from Target. Bonus points for having Daddy pretend to be Jerry, the garden boy!

There you go!  You’re welcome!  What’s your cutie going as for Halloween?