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Another Fabulous MK Giveaway :: Misha Lulu!

Hoo boy!  This is one of those times when I wish I could win our giveaway because its for this insane-in-the-membrane little dressie from our new favorite kiddo designer, Misha Lulu. Presenting the “Red Sea Dress”!

Amazing, no? Karen Salazar and her husband Joe are the masterminds behind this gem of a design line. This is a lady I want to have drinks with. Like, really good drinks involving high quality liquor.

Clearly this retro-inspired design line is a family affair. Oh, and what a cutie family too!

I sat down for a little e-chat with Karen, the creative mastermind behind  Misha Lulu.

MK: What inspired you to start this wonderful line of girl’s clothing?

Karen: First of all it was my daughter Bela—our muse. The thought of being able to be at home and spend more time with her was very appealing. Next it was the love of everything retro. My husband and I love to collect vintage children’s book illustrations, so that is also a big inspiration. They bring back many fond memories from our
childhood. (MK: clearly, we need to hang out!)  Finally we just wanted to be able to do something on our own that we could hopefully pass down to Bela.

MK: You call this a family affair—can you tell me how everyone is involved with your product line?

Karen: Usually I come up with the concepts or sometimes Bela is interested in something that will give me my inspiration. Then my husband and I start brainstorming  and both of us will start sketching out our ideas.  From there we will refine the graphics we like and we both art direct each other.  We wear many hats in this company and we have to multi task constantly.

MK: But I bet they are fabulous hats!

Karen: Ha ha! Indeed! Also, my mom hand paints the aprons and Joe’s mom does crochet bows and hats that we offer for Fall. Bela is also involved by getting her hands into anything she can.

MK: I love it!  Go Grandmas! That might be the best thing I’ve ever heard about any fashion line EVER!  But I must ask one last question—what is your favorite item in this line?

Karen: I really like the “Click” dress, I love this mod silhouette and I adore stripes. This is a dress that I would definitely wear.

MK: Mod! Stripes! Karen, honey, you are speaking our language! Sigh, will you be our BFF? And make clothes in mama sizes? Hee hee! Thank you Karen!

So, now you see why we are so mad crushing on the Salazar family and the awesomeness that is Misha Lulu!

And why we are just tickled pink to offer you this gorgeous Red Sea dress for any little girl from the sizes 12 months to size 6. Amazing.

Now, to win this dandy little dressie of insane cuteness here’s all you need to do:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog entry
  2. Follow us on Twitter. If you are already a follower, tweet about this giveaway—don’t forget to include @modernkiddo in the tweet please! You can also follow our personal twitters @galexina and @missdottie
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  4. Stop by the Misha Lulu blog and leave a comment! It’s a great blog that you’ll want to come back to again and again!

You’ll get one entry for each thing you do. If you do all three (or five) you’ll be entered three to five times.

Because I will be away on vacation, this fabulous Misha Lulu Giveaway ends on Friday April 29 at 8:00PM-PST and the winner will be announced Monday, May 3rd.

Good luck, and I’m crossing my fingers you win!