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Vintage Kiddo Mondays: Retro Roundup

Happy happy Monday, darlings! Did you have a wonderful weekend fully of jelly beans, malt ball easter eggs, choccy bunnies and peeps peeps PEEPS! I spent mine nomming on some honey baked ham, roasted asparagus and homemade cream biscuits with pooh butter. I wonder how many calories e-shopping burns? I do type 80 words per minute, but still I think I may have to hop off for a brisk walk after chatting with ya’ll. Oof!

Well, let’s get down to it, darlin’s because we’ve been so very busy while the Easter Bunny was doing his rounds and have some ridonkulous button cute vintage finds to share.

With April showers blowing in this month, having such a great raincoat as this vintage Superman raincoat from the 60s may take away the blues.

What a super find, eBay seller, Mama Jeanne!

You’ll want to choo choo choose this perfect Health Tex top from our friends over at CowTown’s Revenge.

Oh. My. Word!  Doesn’t this snappy dress looks like it was stolen from Marsha Brady’s closet?

Thanks for the love eBay seller,  Annie’s Panties!

And then there is this great ABC dress from Sears.  If this isn’t the perfect thing to wear to the first day of school, I don’t know what is! And with a starting price of $1.99, you just HAVE TO BUY IT, RIGHT?

A+, eBay seller, Rapistole!

I am head over heels for this little pair of baby shoes made of felt.  So pretty that they would be just as wonderful in your nursery as decor.

Thank you for sharing them, Etsy seller, A Rose Without a Thorn.

I know, I know… we here at Modern Kiddo are very pro comfort and usually aren’t fans of the polyester onesie, BUT I just fell in love with these great polyester onesies!  I think you could easily cut the bottoms off and turn these into some swell shirts for your little one—over a nice cotton t-shirt, right? Who’s with me?

Well played, Etsy seller, Fat Patch. Well played, indeed!

With a name like Dottie, I am sworn to love the Dachshund dog. Now check out this little Doxie with balloons on this vest.

Even one of the balloons has dots on it!  And a errant seagull to boot??  Drat it, Etsy seller, HartandSew, you did it again!

Remember when Snoopy was bigger than ANYTHING in the seventies/eighties?  You HAD to have your Snoopy stuffed animal and at least five outfits for it! Well, this sweet t-shirt is going to have you flashing back to your favorite Snoopy memory. Look at him here roasting six hot dogs at once. He’s like the McGyver of dogs! Go Snoopy, go!

We’re just wild about eBay seller Robot Parade for Kids.

And finally, your little one will be quite the handsome devil in these sassy pants.  Pitchforks not included!

Tee hee!  I don’t know why the Devil is wearing a hospital gown, but perhaps they are quite in fashion in H. E. double hockey sticks land?  You’d have to go there and back to find a pair of pants as cute as these that Etsy seller, Fuzzy Mama is selling.

Well, happy Monday, ya’ll and get ready for an extra special week here at the MK corral, for someone very special is about to have the sweetest birthday ever this week.  Whoo hoo!