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Retro Round Up

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there! I must say mine was pretty waffletastic and so much fun!

Spring has finally come with a wink and a nod and whole lot of fun!  So, I rustled up some great bits to share with you all! Enjoy!


Whoa.  Love. From Etsy seller, Sweet Shop Vintage.

For your little artist. From Etsy seller, Scarlet Bird Vintage.


With weather getting warmer, this little romper is perfect! From Etsy seller, Wee Love Vintage.

Lishyloo has such great stuff, like this perfect Polly Flinders dress.  So lovely.

I just can’t get enough sweet vintage Tiki for boys! From Etsy seller, Storybook Retro.

These mugs are perfection.  Perfect for sipping lemonade!  From Etsy seller, Evelynn’s Alcove.

This little tunic dress is a dream come true. And it isn’t too early to find a great Fourth of July outfit! From Etsy seller, Roc Vintage.

I just can’t help but love a good bonnet on a baby.  And this bonnet on a baby? Too wonderful! From Etsy seller, Story Tellers Vintage.

I wish Keds would make these shoes again. Because I think every single kiddo needs a pair of these beauts.  From Etsy seller, Ramshackle Vintage.

I love this little ship shape shirt that would look great this summer! From Etsy seller, Petit Lapin Vintage.

Happy Monday!

Get Yer Vintage Goodness Here!

AhhCHOO!!  I should have been out this past weekend pumpkin picking, frolicking through the leaves and enjoying this blast of Indian summer with the Peach, but alas no. Instead, I’m sniffling my way through too much TV and chicken soup with a nasty nasty cold.  I am not officially up to date on PanAm, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl,  Downton Abbey and probably ten other shows that I wouldn’t even have watched. But of course it did give a bit of time to have fun and look for wonderful goodies for online to share with you today! Hurrah!

BAM! It’s the Fisher Price freaking garage of awesomeness.  From Etsy seller, Westward Gifts.

These little vintage brown shoes are so cute with the widdle bumblebee on the side!  From Etsy seller, Lilybelle Shoes.

As you know we are gaga for vintage children’s books and this is a great starter set of lovely vintage books for anyone wanting to get into collecting them.  From Etsy seller, Liz & Jay.

Frecklewonder just added some amazing goodies to her Etsy shop. Kid Wonder!  Like this adorable Pooh jacket from the seventies.  Oh, if only I could cram the Peach into it! FIE!

I love a good child’s tea set and this vintage one is kinda taking the cake! Owls? Oh, those owls… From Etsy seller, Bliss & Vinegar.

I’m kinda nuts for this vintage orange plaid jacket. Perfect for the season right now before it gets too chilly! From Etsy seller, Bluebird Lucy.

Folks, you know how much I love Irmi and I feel I’ve seen a lot of different designs, but I’ve never seen this sweet one.  Peter the Pumpkin eater! Genius! And so Freaking adorable to boot! From Etsy seller, Sweet Vintage Whimsy.

If this little vintage primary colored little dress isn’t sold by the end of today, I will be amazed. Because this dress… Oh this little dress. Insanely adorable.  From Etsy seller, Sweet Shop  Vintage.

I’m kinda crazy for this marvelous mod vintage boys shirt from SEARS, folks!  You can just see the summer dreams in his eyes. Cutie pie boy not included. Sigh! From Etsy seller, If Only She Had Bought It.

Two brands for the price of one!  Weeble’s Mickey Mouse Playhouse. Love it! From Etsy seller, Oh Sydney!

Snoopy needs to come back!  And what a great way to do it with these sweet set of Snoopy silverware.  From Etsy seller, Fox & Owl Vintage.

Happy Monday, folks!

Vintage Kiddo :: Retro Round Up!

Oh February! What a snowladen month you are turning out to be for the majority of the U.S. But here in the Bay Area this weekend was full of bike-rides to the Beach and trips to the park. The weather has been so wonderful that I’m even eyeing my summer shifts to wear to work? But don’t worry, we’ll be shivering in our boots come August in the Bay Area!

But I did of course have time to check out some darling vintage goodies that I’m so excited to share with you all! Let the vintage fun begin, friends!

First up, this Valentine’s Day dress of darlingness from 3 Ring Circus. With Valentines around the corner, how could I not include it, right?

Every young lad (and lass in my mind) should have their own tool chest. But only a really lucky one will get one as awesome as this from from Etsy seller, OhSydney!

Oh, this little vintage pink sweater set with pants is adorable. AND from Marshall Fields.  AND with a starting bid of $5.00! From Ebay seller, Konstandina.

I totally remember playing with these Playskool puzzles when I was a little kid. I’ve been seeing them pop up all over the place—for a lot higher prices than Frecklewonder is offering them, so snatch these goodies up while you can.

Doesn’t this little vintage jon jon make you crave summer? You have to admit that those button eyes for the crab are pure genius!  From Etsy seller, FuzzyMama.

YES! Please tell me you remember this bucket of Fisher Price awesomeness? I remember the new kid brought it into Show and Tell in second grade and let people watch a movie for a quarter during recess on the blacktop.  That kid became the Most Popular Kid in Class and made a fortune that day. That kid is probably a movie exec now.  From Etsy Vintage Arcane Home.

Oh, if I could just cram the Peach’s size size 6 extra wide foot into this gorgeous black and yellow vintage shoes from the seventies, I would. Except the police would arrest me for child abuse. I wonder if the fashion police could save me? From Ebay seller, eegnats.

You know I’m mad for plaid, but also have some fierce love for the argyle. And who wouldn’t if it’s a cute as the green and blue argyle sweater this charming you gent is rocking out.  You go, Mister! From Etsy seller, Mid-Centurecycled.

If your kids like snow and wolves, then this is the hat for them!  Who doesn’t love a good pom pom to boot! From Ebay seller, Ausable007.

You know what I love a lot? A LOT of vintage clothes. (Sorry—I couldn’t help myself. Bad puns run in my family…) These gems are usually very well priced and even if you don’t dig everthing, there is usually a true gem in it to make it worth it. Like this mushroom leisure suit. Or that great red flower dress. From Ebay seller, Sanford’s Daughter.


That’s it for today. Stay tuned for some more vintage fun later this afternoon!

TGIVM! Thank Goodness its Vintage Monday! Retro Round Up.

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you all have a wonderful weekend? We did! I know Alix spent the majority of hers huggin’ on her guys after her looooonng trip to Prague.  I spent a bit of this weekend with the Peach at her first swimming lessons.  Since we live in a seaside town, it makes sense to know how to swim.  I wish I bought some of those on sale bathing suits from awhile back. Sigh!

But I am super excited about this week’s grand selection!

This vintage girls red white ruffled dress.  From eBay Zeke989.  I think it looks exactly like what the youngest girl, X in the Partridge family would have worn!  Tambourine not included.

I think this boys winter coat is perfect for going into fall and is lined with fur. New with tags and in a big boy size of 10/12 to boot! From eBay seller Magnolia’s Vintage.

What is there not to love about this great vintage cardigan? The sweet detailing would be great with any outfit. I love girly stuff that isn’t lacy or pink and this sweet cardi fits the bill perfectly! From eBay seller, finer with age.

Vintage letterman sweater? Yes please! And this is too cute for works. Perfect for a little one names Taylor, or Tom, or Tiffany.  Or Wolfie…  From eBay seller, kjtoys.

Someone needs to make these again because they are adorable. Vintage rubber cowboy rain boots. Nuff said. From eBay seller eegnats.

You know I can’t get enough plaid, but a yellow plaid is particularly wonderful in skirt form. Imagine with little yellow clogs. aah!!!! From Etsy seller, Poppy&Bean.

Bunnies, ruffles, gingham aren’t enough–well then let’s just add a little bow to the bunny. Like they did with this vintage baby outfit.  I’m in love. From our girl, Heather at 3 Ring Circus!

Pumpkin perfect little patchwork jumper.  It just screams fall school days to me. Dontcha think?From Etsy seller,  Ms. Tips!

These vintage toddler stripey mary janes shoesies make me smile just looking at them. Now imagine a sweet snuggly little baby’s chubby foot in it.  Ah, that’s the stuff!  From Etsy seller, Woolly Mammoth Vintage.

This red white and blue elephant romper is killer.  It must be summer somewhere.   From Etsy seller, Fun with Puns.

The days are getting shorter and cooler–which means inside crafts. And Lishyloo has this grand vintage craft book that just looks so good that you better buy it before I do!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Vintage Kiddo Retro Round Up!

I don’t know what is in the air right now, but whatever it is my family is getting crazy sick from it! Actually, I did find out what is in the air. Turns out my little hamlet is a “Victorian town”–makes sense since it has more Victorian houses than any other town in California.  And with these little Victorian houses comes exotic plants that were popular at the turn of the century and are in bloom right now and playing havoc with everyone’s sinuses. Sigh!

Anyway, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend–when I wasn’t blowing my nose, I was searching every nook and cranny of the Internet to find you some dandy vintage goodies for yer youngins! On with the show!

From Etsy seller the Foraging Follies, we have this darling Opie gingham boys shirt.  I’m in love. Just love! Bike with darling bell not included, sadly…

I love these sassy vintage scooter skirts from eBay seller Bibliowhiz. I imagine they belonged to two young cousins  who created a whole dance routine to Build Me Up Buttercup and Aunt Beverly made them these matching skirts. I’m just sayin’…

According to my dapper husband, pea coats are all the rage this fall for men.  So, let’s kick it up a notch with adding vintage into the mix with this charmer of a coat.  From Etsy seller, our favorites at Our Retro Toybox.

Strawberry Fields forever with this divine little top here as sweet as summer.  From Etsy seller, SammyLee Vintage.

Who would want a truck, or a dog or a truck on their little boys outfit when you could have a gymnast like on this terrific one piece “roper”.  Talk about going for the gold, Etsy seller, MotherMidnight.

Check out this great two tone Ben Franklin shoe in boys size 10.  From Etsy seller LilyBelle Shoes.

You can just see a little girl wearing this darling little teal jumper combo.  With the little ribbon tie. I just melt a bit. From Etsy seller The Green Nectarine.

Oh, this top–with built in bow-tie and nautical them to boot.  I just wish there was a button inside the coat to make the red bow tie spin.  From Miss Lishyloo! I gotta admit this–Lish’s stock this week is just insane. I could have done a full post just on her stuff, so I recommend a little stop by her shop, if you can…

Our gal Heather from Etsy shop 3 Ring Circus found the holy grail of awesomeness–a vintage brownie’s shirt. I’m so tempted to just buy this now for the Peach.  Brownies are like the mafia where I live.  We had to buy six boxes of cookies so we could walk the streets.

Oooh. check this out!  Who doesn’t love a bandanna? And a built in bandanna with matching fabric up the sleeves–and all in one shirt? Well, color me sold, ladies!  And I’m sure this will be sold soon too!  From Etsy seller, Vintage Pickle.

As you know I’ve been trying to make some of the Peach’s winter wardrobe. And although there are terrific fabrics out there, my heart always flutters when I find sassy delightful fabrics that make me smile from ear to ear. And I was grinning like a fool when I saw the great stash Frecklewonder has in her lovely shoppie right now.

Well, that’s it!  Only four days left in the week! Hurrah to that, I say!