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Real Life :: Dottie at SXSW Interactive.

Everything truly is bigger and better in Texas.

Like the hangovers.

And yeah, there were hangovers. But great conversations and fun times had by all.

I’m happy to say that CNET rocked the house with its streaming Buzz Out Loud party at Cedar Street. Molly Wood and Brian Tong were wonderful and did a bang-up job interviewing all sorts of fancy people that night from Pete Cashmore to Freddy Rodriguez.   And mad props to the CNET marketing team for that adorable cowboy boot beer cozy.

From Flickr user Brian Wilson.

Image via CBS.

We also went to a couple of other parties, but I think my favorite was, of course the Etsy party, where people were crafting it up on the premises!

How cute is that? And they even had a fashion show with Burda. At SXSWi!  Wonderful!

Image via Flickr: Etsy Labs

Oh and they had great bands too…

And I saw lots and lots of panels. Perhaps too many panels. But the one that stood out the most was Guy Kawasaki’s solo piece discussing some findings from his book, Enchantment.  All I can say, is buy the book. If it is one bit as great as the hour I spent listening to Guy, then you are in for a treat.

Image via NeonPunch.

Well, that and going to Jane Goldman’s panels. Jane, who is the co-found and EIC of CHOW is a force of nature and one of the most inspiring ladies I know.  She was on a terrific panel at TECHMunch as well as her own panel at SXSW discussing food criticism.

Image via: Living the Promise.

Hoo boy, there is so much more. So many funny asides and wonderfully smart and clever things that I saw and did but I’m just a tad tired from it all.  But I can tell you this. I’m going again next year!

Image via 30DaysOut.

Next post–Alix’s little surprise!