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Real Life :: Let’s Talk About Hair…

Man, I hope the Peach doesn’t inherit my lack of ability to do hair.

You see, I inherited that trait (or lack thereof) from my mother, who goes to the beauty parlor to have her hair done every week. That plus a can of Aqua Net and she’s good to go for at least five days. (I love you, Mom.)

I am dreadful at styling my hair. OK–not horrible, but it’s not my forte. I always said that if I had a super power, it would be the ability to snap my fingers and have my hair styled fabulously.

I do not have the super power. Sigh.

I mean, those pony tails are beyond lopsided and let’s just say that that is the Lombard Street of hair parts.

But I have this cutie pie looking up at me and wanting her hair in pony tails and braids and all sorts of stuff.

I’m already getting cotton mouth just thinking about the dreaded French braid–eek!  What is a gal to do? Help? And has anyone every tried to do toddler hair? Standing still isn’t really the Peach’s forte right now.

Any tips? Any tricks?

Please note the angle of pony tails…