Real Life :: Let’s Talk About Hair…

Man, I hope the Peach doesn’t inherit my lack of ability to do hair.

You see, I inherited that trait (or lack thereof) from my mother, who goes to the beauty parlor to have her hair done every week. That plus a can of Aqua Net and she’s good to go for at least five days. (I love you, Mom.)

I am dreadful at styling my hair. OK–not horrible, but it’s not my forte. I always said that if I had a super power, it would be the ability to snap my fingers and have my hair styled fabulously.

I do not have the super power. Sigh.

I mean, those pony tails are beyond lopsided and let’s just say that that is the Lombard Street of hair parts.

But I have this cutie pie looking up at me and wanting her hair in pony tails and braids and all sorts of stuff.

I’m already getting cotton mouth just thinking about the dreaded French braid–eek!  What is a gal to do? Help? And has anyone every tried to do toddler hair? Standing still isn’t really the Peach’s forte right now.

Any tips? Any tricks?

Please note the angle of pony tails…

23 thoughts on “Real Life :: Let’s Talk About Hair…

  1. No tips or tricks. Every time I manage to get my toddler’s hair into high pigtails they’re gone in minutes. So my only trick is cut her bangs in the bathtub, when she’s occupied with the bubbles, and then turn her around and cut the back. I’m hoping someone will buy my line that I’m going for a Claudette Colbert look.

    1. I think the Claudette Colbert look is a charming on on zee RocketBaby!

      Good call on the bathtub. I just have ’em done by daycare. she’s much better than I am.

  2. Might want to leave it a bit older before you French braid! They have to sit still for a good bit of time, especially if you need practice! (French braid is really not all too difficult.. don’t worry. ) Low pigtails are definitely a good starting point. Easy, and quick. Try practicing on some of her dolls, it will help! 🙂 And if all else fails… be thankful she has such a cute face that no one is really going to pay too much attention to her hair… hahaha!

  3. Yes, practice on dolls! That’s how I learned to French braid- others and my own hair. Not that hard once you get the hang of it. You can do it talented crafty lady!!!

  4. I am the worst hair doer ever. I’ve come to tell my kids that they’ll have to live with imperfection. That said, I’m too busy ogling your daughter’s Livie + Luca shoes and adorable face, I don’t notice the part at all.

    1. You are too kind, Liz!

      Those Livie and Luca shoes are a life saver for her wide feet. The pediatrician described my child’s foot as “iron-shaped”. Sigh!

  5. my first child is a boy with curly, forgiving hair that i can just periodically hack away at with scissors and come out okay enough.

    then i had a girl with fine, straight hair. she’s 20 months old and i am at a total loss of what to do. bangs? no bangs? long? short? barrettes stay in her hair for two seconds. i spend half my days sweeping her hair to the side (which is admittedly what i used to spend a lot of time doing with the boy). the poor child is starting to look like a bohunk.

  6. I think her hair is adorable! Moments after my sister would +finally+ get my niece’s hair in pigtails, Maggie would pull one of em out and run around the rest of the day like that. It was adorable.

  7. I have no tips but I’m right there with ya. Once upon a time I used to really put some effort into my do (like when I was 16). Now I’ve been a was and wear woman for so long I fear for my 7 month old daughter (once she has hair that is).

    P.S. Just saw that you added MPMK to your “Sites We Love” – thanks so much 🙂

  8. I have two girls with super fine hair that does not part in the middle. The youngest (2) always wants her hair the way the oldest (5) has hers done. I brush it through with water before I attempt-ahem- to “style” it. I have found that bows make for great cover ups and usually I can just say “lets go get a pretty bow!” and they are content!

  9. I’ll second the hairstyling bribery. I just kept a small tupperware container (with lid) of m&ms on the bathroom counter. One m&m per hairstyle was our rule. That easily ended our daily struggles over hair brushing and styling. Blogs for kids’ hairstyles are sent from heaven. Bless those who are inventive and also kind enough to make youtube videos for how to put the style together. And for a no fail clean part, invest $2 in a rat-tail comb. Props to the peson that invented that tool!

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