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Kiddo Field Trip // The Midcentury Supper Club

Back in the day, food was all about form and very little function. That is to say, it might not have tasted great, but it sure looked spectacular! Check out any vintage cook book from the 1950s or 1960s and you’ll be sure to read words like, LOAF! MOLD! LOG! RING! TOWER! CREAMED! And let us not forget ASPIC! (basically a savory version of gelatin—imagine clear jello with meat or vegetables inside. EEK!). Every year our fabulous friend Karen throws a Midcentury Supper Club party…a fun and festive potluck where the challenge is to select a recipe from a vintage cook book and bring it for all to enjoy. You know, stuff like this:

I had great plans to make a snowman cake, but uh….well. It just didn’t quite go as planned (the whole cake stuck to my sheet pan. Argh.) Instead, I brought a bottle of champagne. Alway festive in any decade!

Greg had a show that night so Wolfie was my official “date”. He agreed to get dressed up, and I pulled out a vintage shirt I had bought for him ages ago (when he was super little) and thought it just might fit him now. He put it on and was indignant, flapping his arms around, “Mama! These sleeves are awful! They are WAY too long!!!” I looked closer and realized they were french cuffs!! (who knew they made ’em that little??) So Wolfie got to wear his first pair of cuff links—and was feelin’ mighty cool about it.

But enough about us. Let’s get on with the show. I have to say it was a SPECTACULAR evening! {Wolfie was unimpressed by all the “weird” food and hung out in the kid’s room with his pals.} OK, so without further ado, may I present….the midcentury supper club, 2012 edition! Savory, sweet….there was something for ALL!

image: Fred Eagle

image: Fred Eagle

image: Fred Eagle

Yes, that’s my friend Doe with her edible PINK FLOCKED TREES on a brownie lot. LOVE!

The Studio 54 Gingerbread House (with real flashing floor) was another party favorite!

Dottie was there too, of course, although she couldn’t stay long because she & her fam had a 6am flight the next morning for Florida. I was impressed she made it AND looked so dang cute!

The sandwich loaf was surprisingly tasty! Layers of egg salad, ham and cucumber, all tucked in under a savory cream cheese “frosting”.

And finally……the most terrifying, er, I mean INTERESTING dish….the Santa Meatloaf. WOW.

Have you ever made anything from a vintage cookbook?? I recommend the cakes and the sandwich loaf. The jury is still out on the meaty santa….