The Charming World of Charm Bracelets.

You just can’t help but find charm bracelets, well… charming!  There is something so irresistible about wanting to see of the charms on someone’s bracelet and ask what the significance is of each one.

We can thank Queen Victoria for starting the charm bracelet craze.  Not only did she start the white wedding dress trend, but she was one of the first people to wear charm bracelets and even gave them as presents to close friends.

It was Tiffany & Co. who in 1889 first offered its iconic charm bracelet and introduced the craze to the United States. The charm bracelet phenom didn’t truly take off until the 1950s and 60s when it really peaked with teenage girls that wanted a charm for every event in their lives.

Alix told me she was thinking of doing a post on charm bracelets but then suggested I write about it as she knew how much I LOVE CHARM BRACELETS!!! And with good reason, I think.  Check out these darling ones that Alix found online.

I can’t get over how charming this one is.  That bunny is too adorable for words. And the baby carriage—so sweet! Get the bunny bracelet here.

This one is just Christmas perfection, don’t you think? Get the Christmas bracelet here.

Get Psychedelic here. I love her little pink shoes too!

Get Ike here! But if you are a vintage Democrat…

Get a little JFK here!

And I must admit I’m not only a fan of charm bracelets, but a wearer!  I asked for one for my 40th birthday and asked my closest friends to buy a charm that symbolized our friendship.  I love it!  For example my crafty soul sister, Eileen, who I have spent many hours cruising Joann’s Fabric store buying fabric to sew got me a charm of a little vintage sewing machine! So every time I look at that charm, I think of my friend. I love it so much!  I also have a San Francisco bracelet that I bought and wear to all SF Dame events.  And I really want to start a U.S. travel charm bracelet to include every state that I’ve been to!

I hope to buy an empty Tiffany charm bracelet for the Peach when she turns 18 and can’t wait to watch her fill it up with wonderful experiences.

Do you own a charm bracelet?



12 thoughts on “The Charming World of Charm Bracelets.

  1. We bought a charm bracelet for our tot on her first birthday and every year buy her a new charm that represents something significant. We are stashing these all away secretly and plan on giving it to her when she’s 16.

  2. OH yes, my sisters and I had charm bracelets when we were kids, and I LOVED them! I still have mine. I wish the trend was still around, but I don’t think you could easily buy charms at vacation spots anymore like you used to. That’s what we did- got a charm each time we went on vacation as a souvenir!

  3. I don’t have my own, but I bought one for Eliza at a year old and had plans to get her a new charm for every year. Which reminds me, I need to get one for Gillian and get charms for both of them–this year, it’ll be Pittsburgh, no doubt!

    1. A Pittsburgh or Pennsylvania one would be perfect! Right on, Jody!

      Oh, I forgot–I went to this trunk show and saw the most amazing bracelet ever! It had as part of it, this sterling silver piece from the 1860s with Pittsburgh written on it. I was about to email it to you except the price was $950. But still… it was the most stunning piece. Oh, if I had the money…

  4. Love the post! I too love and wear my charm bracelets. I’m nearly 50 and still wear my first one that my mom started for me when I was 7. Also, I’m going to a baby shower this weekend, in SF, and I’ll be wearing my “baby” charm bracelet ( he’s now nearly 14) to the party. Thinking I’d like to start a visited states one as well, especially since the charms are so easy to locate now on the Internet.
    And each one has its own jingly sound!

    1. AHH!!! So true about the jingly noise–I totally forgot that. And how great to wear your baby charm bracelet for the baby shower. I’m sure the mom to be was jealous.

  5. What a beautiful idea, having your friends each give you a charm! I loved my charm bracelet. We recently found it so Stella is keeping it safe for me. My favorite charms are my ice skate, because we did so much of that back east, and the little box of chocolates that open. I haven’t found a great place to start buying charms for Stella yet, but I’m thinking I’ll do well going vintage for sure.

  6. Oh, I love ice skating charm idea–that just made me miss being back East as well. Sigh! But the box of chocolates charm sounds like perfection. And what kiddo doesn’t like chocolate!

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