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The Coolest Elmo Party. Ever.

Friends, I have a confession to make.

I hate Elmo. The whole speaking in third person I find rather annoying.

There. I said it. Forgive me. I just love old school Sesame Street too much.  Give me Cookie Monster or Grover and I’m a happy lady.

I never thought I would ever write the words cool and Elmo in the same sentence.

Until now.

Alix forwarded me this post from Kara’s Party Ideas that featured a simply brilliant Elmo birthday party for one lucky Elmo-obsessed little kiddo.  The party was thrown by the Portugal-based event planner Mug and Mog and I bow down to Christina’s very clever take on an over-commercialized character.

But really you just have to see the photos to  truly understand the awesomeness.

I know, right? Unbelievable.

How can Ronald McDonald colors of red and yellow be this charming together?

The polka dot boot is killing me. KILLING ME!

That cake makes me want to become the vice president of the Elmo fan club. How can that be? Elmo was my arch nemesis!

Polka dots and gingham?  Elmo, you know me so well…

Seeing such a wonderful party  fills me with party panic for the Peach’s birthday gets me super excited about doing something for the Peach’s birthday! I can’t wait!

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  1. John says

    Party panic? How can that be? It’s going to be great, even if it’s just the three of you.

  2. RocketGirl says

    While Eliza recognized Elmo from other characters first (she says his name and it sounds suspiciously like Bilbo, but that might be wishful thinking) I am pleased to report that it seems her favorite is Cookie Monster. I know this because she saw the googly eyes last week and said, “COOKIE!” very clearly and cheerfully.

    So take THAT, Muppets-come-lately: Cookie still wins!

    (And also: I would have KILLED for a Big Bird party of that magnitude as a kid. Although I did have a swell Bert and Ernie cake for my second or third birthday.)

    • Dottie says

      How awesome that Bert and Ernie cake must have been!

  3. Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids says

    How surprising that you would prefer vintage Sesame Street 😉 (I totally agree about the whole 3rd person thing though). That cake is adorable and I love the rain boot as pinwheel holder – the whole thing is great!

    • Dottie says

      Ha–yeah–what a surprise, right? At least I’m predictable. But I gotta admit polka dots and gingham were a truly genius match. I gotta say I’m totally impressed.

  4. Dottie says

    Did anyone see the muppets on Top Chef last night? Hilarious and kinda bizarre. it just showed that Cookie Monster’s still GOT IT!

  5. Melinda says

    Dottie, that Top Chef is in my Tivo. I’m still mourning the loss of Fabio.

    Love this party, and love this mother even more for clearly catering to her kid’s idea of a perfect party.

    • Dottie says

      A-freaking-men, Melinda! That is why regardless of “theme” we are planning on serving her favorite foods and doing all her favorite things!

  6. Alix says

    The top chef episode was awesome…’s alllll about COOKIE MONSTER!!! He’s amazing.
    I love this party as well, because as much as we love the vintage I think it’s SO important to honor your kid’s dreams and not force ours on them. You might not love Elmo but if he makes your little kiddo happy, you can find a way to rock it out and still reflect you too! Whoo hoo!

  7. pilgrim says

    i am anti-elmo too.. but this party is cute! and also, the thought of sinking my teeth into elmo’s face (in cake form) makes me happy.

  8. TigerMum says

    People seriously have parties like this? This isn’t just an awesome photo spread in the latest kiddo magazine? My poor children … I also abhor overly commercialized characters marketed to our children so we will spend money, but I too think this party is adorable and if I could put something like this together I would. Alas … it won’t be happening. I don’t have the gene.

    • Alix says

      I know, I’m not a fan of the pre-fab but I love how she pulled this all together and made it cute and original and still “ELMO LOVES BIRTHDAYS!” haha

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