The Incredible Cuddly Book Bed.

There is nothing cozier than cuddling up in bed with a good book. So you can only imagine how I flipped my lid when i saw this bed:

A concept by Yusuki Suzuki, a Japanese photographer. It’s a bed, book and playground all in one. By day you play, then turn the pages to cuddle up.

It’s so raining and cold and windy here today, that little book bed looks like just the ticket….

5 thoughts on “The Incredible Cuddly Book Bed.

  1. I love it. My kids sleep together in one room by choice, therefore we have an extra bedroom going unused (awaiting my son’s interest in sleeping on his own.) I was just thinking of putting a floor bed in the extra room for slumber parties and guests, knowing they would enjoy lounging and jumping on it for fun. This would be TOO much fun!

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