The Midcentury Supper Club Goes BBQ

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You know those vintage cookbooks we all love? With the crazy photos and elaborate creations? Well my friends and I have a habit of trying to recreate those dishes….and the results? Sometimes AMAZINGLY delicious! Sometimes…..wellll, a little scary! But always, always interesting!

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You might remember last December when I posted about our fabulous friend Karen’s legendary annual Midcentury Potluck! It was a Christmas party to end all Christmas parties, with a treats like a savory gingerbread house, a Liberace jello mold and even a meatloaf Santa! (if you’d like to see, and you know you do, pop over here!) She had the brilliant idea that the Dames (our lil sassy supper club) throw a Midcentury BBQ—and we KNEW we had the makings for a great shindig.

We found an amazing locale and then spread the word….browse your vintage cookbooks and magazines for recipes and then get to work! I was on the hunt for something summery and fun. And then I remembered this:

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Oh yes…..the giant pineapple shaped cheeseball!!!! Two pounds of cheddar later (and other secret ingredients), I had molded myself a winner! VOILA!

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Next up, a festive outfit to match my pineapple dreams:

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And off to the BBQ we went! OH MY WORD….talk about a colorful and fun afternoon! The dishes were all soooooo awesome, and amazingly many tasted REALLY GREAT! Here, take a gander:

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(this was a baked bean jello mold which looked a tad frightening, but was dang tasty!)

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My pineapple cheeseball was a smash success! I was so relieved it tasted pretty yummy….

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There was an amazing assortment of savory and sweet dishes….everyone dressed up, and lot of people just bought fun vintage decor to spruce up the place!

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Meet your hostesses, The Dames!

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This cute little girl and her folks happened to bring the side garnish appetizer to my pineapple (you can see it in the cook book photo below on the left) so she was super excited to see the pineapple was already there!

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The kids were so cute, running around playing horseshoes and tryng their hand at limbo (that’s Wolfie in the faux ‘coon skin cap below). And yeah, of course there was the requisite iPad/3DS break…..hey, they’re all just regular kiddos who are amused/bemused by their kooky parents!

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All in all it was a most wonderful day! Have you ever made anything from a vintage cookbook? Was it awesome or awesomely awful?? Either way, I’d love to hear about it!

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12 thoughts on “The Midcentury Supper Club Goes BBQ

  1. Love your pictures! Brings back memories of being a kid in the 60’s. I collect vintage cookbooks as well just to look at the pictures of the food and the dishes. Awesome job! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh This is the MOST! Jennye G Keeps telling me to make my way to the Bay for one of these Shindigs! Any Chance of sharing the Pineapple Cheeseball recipe? That things would make Mr. Phoenix cry tears of JOY!

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