The perfect gift to tell your parents to buy for your kiddo—MyChronicle books

I got the call yesterday. Same time every year.

“Could you send me a list of what you think the Peach would like for Christmas?” my mom asks.

My parents try hard to find presents that the Peach really and truly loves.  Nothing makes a grandparent feel so loved and special when they see their present turn into his or her grandchild’s favorite toy or book.  The Peach still enjoys playing with that hardworking toy shopping cart she got for Christmas two years ago from my parents, much to their delight.

That’s why the first thing on the list I’m sending to my parents will be a myChronicle personalized book. With the Peach’s current princess phase, this one will be at the top of the list.

I’m personally crushing on this Petit Collage baby book. What new mama wouldn’t shed a little tear of this one?

I’m particularly charmed by this book about being a big sister.  I think this would be particularly nice since big sisters can get a bit proprietary, so having a book with her name on it might help her relate even more to the travails of being the big sister. Kinda genius, really.  And yes,they do have a big brother book too!


I’m personally eyeing the princess personalized place mat for the Peach.  She’s really really into place mats right now… And this lunch box… LOVE!

There is something about incorporating your child’s name into the book that makes them want to read even more, which is always a good idea in my mind.

Are you a fan of personalization? What items have you had personalized with your kiddos name on them?

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