The Week in Pictures.

Our week vacation is coming to a close and we’re all so sad to go home. Greg just packed up the car with Sammy and is driving back. Wolfie and I leave tomorrow. We had a terrific time as always—even though the weather turned and it was POURING these past couple of days! Here’s our week in Instagram pix. I swear I rarely use a real camera anymore. I’m a little sad about that, but its pretty fun to share photos so instantly! {By the way, I’m @galexina if you want to follow along!}

Of course, Greg and I snuck off to do a little thrifting. It was a bit hit or miss, but while there were lotsa so-so things, there were also some totally faboo treasures to be found. My favorites? Vintage kid’s books (natch), some old skool lawn darts (yay!), SPACE CHESS! (who knew??) and this vintage little majorette/ballet costume. I think I might frame it!

Of course we also spent a lot of time swimming and boating around the lake and just running around outside. Since Greg drove, he brought Wolfie’s bow and arrow and they set up a little archery range. Bringing Sam was a luxury (and a tad crazy) but we all agreed it was sooooo much fun to have him here! We also saved on the kennel fee (which can be pretty pricey in Cali). He was confused and nervous that first day, but after receiving an ENTIRE PORK CHOP from my dad the night we grilled, he decided this place was pretty awesome.

Greg and I also had our traditional date-night in Ann Arbor. We went to a few vintage shops and then we FINALLY saw “Moonrise Kingdom”. Like the rest of the blog-o-sphere, I’m pretty much entranced by anything Wes Anderson does! Have you seen it? I loved it.

Alas, for the last 3 days its been raining cats and dogs. So that just meant lotsa hunkering down with a good book, ping pong tourneys, board games and going to the movies! Wolfie was thrilled to discover one of the theaters carried those big soft pretzels he’s crazy about.

Goodbye Michigan! We love you!

5 thoughts on “The Week in Pictures.

  1. Love this!!!! You make me finally want to go and visit Scotts family in Michigan, they all live in Holland Michigan 🙂

    Loved following your pictures on IG! Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation and were able to recharge together as a family 🙂 Gosh I want your dad to throw me a grilled pork chop! Now I am going to crave them all week.

    PS sending you another book hopefully this week. Its a silly book I found, but no kidding the boy in the book has curly hair like Wolf and his dog looks like sam 🙂 ha

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time in MI! My husband and I almost went to see Moonrise Kingdom at the State theater one evening last week. To think I may have almost run into you in Ann Arbor!

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