Tie one on for the holidays! Vintage hostess aprons

Are you planning on throwing a holiday party this year? Or even just Christmas dinner?  Well, consider adding a little vintage holiday magic in the form of a hostess apron with a decidedly holiday feel.

There was a reason those little holiday aprons were so popular back in the day.  Yes, these pretty fillies weren’t really workhorse aprons, but they could add a lovely bit of seasonal charm to an ordinarily simpler dress.  Of course this was when people usually only owned one fancy winter dress and it had to work for the whole season.

But the idea still works today. Just think of add this little beauty below to your basic black dress you were planning on wearing to your holiday dinner/party and voila! You are a sassy Mrs. Clause!

Just to help you out, I’ve found some complete charmers of vintage holiday aprons, thanks to our trusty Etsy sellers.

I have such a crush on the chiffon ones, don’t you?

Vintage aprons for kiddos? Yes, please!!

Little greeting cards on an apron? So cute!

Little angels!

I don’t know how I feel about this Santa

This is just a sampling of the hundreds available of course on Etsy and most are usually under $15, so you can splurge on the champagne instead of a new Christmas dress.  And for you craftier folks out there, there is this!

So, make your holidays extra festive with tying on a bit of holly jolly before you take those appetizers out of the oven.  And keep your pretty dress fine while loading the old dishwasher too!

Do you ever wear vintage holiday aprons? Do you own any?


6 thoughts on “Tie one on for the holidays! Vintage hostess aprons

  1. Oooh, there are some great ones here, Dottie! I have a vintage apron that I LOVE to wear. Actually, I have a big pile of them sent to me by a friend last year, but one in particular goes with every outfit. So much so that while we’re entertaining/cooking for friends my husband is always saying to me “take that thing off” but I never do! 🙂

    1. I love a good vintage apron. I have a few that I inherited from my grandmother and a few others too that I’ve collected through the years. And I’m going to buy one of these and wear it this Christmas!

  2. last year was the first year my parents came to MY house for the holidays and my mom and i wore theme aprons the entire time. i actually need to do my own post on the collection, it’s vast of course.

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