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Too Too Wonderful:: Tutu du Monde.

I must admit, I loved ballet class solely because I got to wear a tutu.  Oh, how I loved that puffy, glamorous bit of netted frou frou.  You just felt special and couldn’t help but lift your feet up to dance when wearing a tutu. Clearly I’m not alone in this childhood memory, because there are so many people out there selling tiny tutus for aspiring ballerinas. I’ve even seen them on tiny babies all decked out in sparkles.

But out of all the tutus I’ve seen (and trust me, after blogging about kiddo fashion for the past two years, I’ve seen A LOT of them) nothing compares to the ethereal beauty of Tutu du Monde’s beautiful pieces.

Handcrafted with sweet bits of fancy here and there, these tutu dresses are bound to pull a smile out of any little girl. This isn’t just a wisp of a dress. This is an heirloom.

The wonder of the Nutcracker and the Red Shoes is sewn into each tutu with care.

Love love love.

Right now the Peach is going through a decidedly tom-boy phase. But even she touched the layers of tulle with great care and a pinch of awe.

Lavender falls into the violet falls into the plum. Perfection.

Even with a t-shirt and rain boots.

It’s good to be a girl. Thanks, Tutu du Monde.

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4 Responses

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  1. jenny says

    these are the most fabulous dresses i ever did see.

    I WANT!!!!!

    and how cute is Peach- rainboots and all! I love it.

    • Dottie says

      Aw, you are so sweet. I gotta admit the quality on these is so high–it makes me want one! If Carrie Bradshaw could rock it, surely I could too! Hee hee!

  2. Virginie says

    oh lord these are SOOO beautiful!!

  3. lishyloo says

    good LORD!!! i want matching ones for me and the tove-ster!!!

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