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Twas a Dark and Stormy Christmas :: Jam Fancy Style

Ho ho ho, my little chickadees! Wellll, internet is down here at my folks house and I couldn’t upload any of my planned photos for today. Which means the Ornament Party is delayed by a day. Boooo! We’ll have it again by this evening pinky swear!

It’s a brisk day here in winter Michigan. To warm you up, I have some fabulous photos to share. My friend Christina is a BRILLIANT artist & crafter. I met her thru our shared love of Blythe (I really need to do a whole post on the time my Blythe dolly Sophie went to visit her in Australia). Anyway, she is so wildly creative and talented I just had to share. In addition to being a wonderful illustrator, Christina is supremely talented at making things. Especially tiny things. So it didn’t come as any surprised when I saw her Creepy Christmas tree. Straight out of a twisted Alice in Wonderland, Time Burton faerie tale…this little black tree is whimsical, quirky and utterly charming. Hmmm, just like Christina herself! Needless to say I’m a huge fan, and this lovely lady made every single thing on the tree herself!

(Psst! The two-headed deer is my favorite!)

All images courtesy of: Jam Fancy.

And I just know you’ll love her blog, JamFancy. Please stop by and say hello to this talented lady!

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4 Responses

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  1. lishyloo says

    i heart christina.

  2. betsy says

    ADORABLE! Keep warm while you are in Michigan!:)

  3. kodie says

    oh my goodness! so funny and adorable and creepy…all at once! love it!

  4. Steph at Modern Parents Messy Kids says

    The voodoo doll’s face is hilarious.

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