Vintage Christmas Ad: Norelco Santa!

Friends I’ve got a rough case of the sniffles and baby crabbiness going on, so I’m running late on my postie, but I did want to share with you a vintage blast from TV past.

It’s Norelco Santa! Here’s a bit of background on that wonderful ad from Gary Flinn from

“This endearing ad campaign was created by American advertising executive David McCall. He created the memorable “Norelco Santa” advertising campaign in which a stop-motion animated Santa Claus rides on a set of Norelco (Philishave) heads while we hear “floating heads, floating heads” to the tune of “Jingle Bells”. Tragically, on April 18 of 2000, the 71 year old McCall was killed, along with his 57 year old wife Penny, in an automobile accident in Albania where they were helping refugees from Kosovo.”

“He also created the memorable animated educational series from the 1970s Schoolhouse Rock. We’ll miss him.”

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