Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! Myrtle Beach is Hot Hot Hot!

When I quit my job back in June to take a Summer Sabbatical, one of my main priorities was making time for family. And ladies and gentlemen we are on a 2 1/ 2 week tour of fun in the sun! We are visiting Greg’s parents and then my parents (Grandparents Tour, 2011!). So far it’s been a blast. I’m trying not to be online much whilst lounging but I am an Instagram addict and have been snapping so many photos, I wanted to share a few sneaky peeks with you.

About 8 years ago, Greg’s parents moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (he grew up in Jersey and California, but South Carolina is where is mom is originally from). Myrtle Beach is always a fun town to visit—beautiful beaches, lots of cool signs on all the old motels and of course miniature golf everywhere you turn. This trip, however, took on an extra little bit of excitement because it was SO FREAKING HOT!!! Insane humidity! Soaring temperatures! We’re talking the air so thick it makes you feel like you’re walking in an oven. I learned about this little thang called the Heat Index when I read the weather report and it would say things like, “Actual temperature 96 but feels like 108”. {Which seemed like a cruel twist on that old ad, “Looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker.”} Nasty nasty yucky, full on Heat Miser Territory HEAT.

My hair was a lost cause. I wore it down once. To bed. I was completely channeling Bellagtrix LeStrange. And Chaka Kahn.

Despite breaking into a sweat just by smiling, we had a really terrific time! Here’s a little peek:

We spent some time down on the boardwalk, playing at the arcades. I got an ice cream cone and the vendor totally laughed at me, “It’s gonna melt you know.” One lick and it was running down my entire arm.

Dressing up was a challenge. We went to see a Cirque style show and I braved wearing socks since I knew we’d be inside a theater. Trust me, I promptly changed to flippy flops after the show!

Who’s that classy girl with the Strawberry Daquiri in the light up glass? Why yes, that’s ME!

In our never ending quest for air conditioning, we discovered something called MagiQuest—which was Wolfie’s dream come true. A Wizard Themed Scavenger Hunt—with interactive wands. Oh yes. We made a trip to this magical land THREE TIMES. It was kind of awesome. Here is young Thunderwolf with his wand….

I was head over heels for all these old hotel signs. I drove poor Greg and Wolfie crazy by asking to pop out and snap photos. There will be NO PHOTOS of me on this run as I literally had sweat dripping down my face, and was beet red.

The saving grace was the swimming pool. Ahhhh a little piece of heaven. We had the thing to ourselves most days. And nights.

We are now in Michigan where the weather is positively MILD. Hurray!!! So happy. Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

6 thoughts on “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! Myrtle Beach is Hot Hot Hot!

  1. Looks like a good time! If you’re into vintage hotel signs, you should come to Niagara Falls before its too late! The main Boulevard leading into the city is FULL of old hotel signs, but they are slowly being replaced by newer, more boring signs. However, right now you can still see such jems as the “Bit-o-Paris” motel, and several that advertise their COLOR televisions! Even the Arby’s on this strip has an awesome, giant light up cowboy hat for a sign.

  2. YAY! i love that you three are getting such a nice chunk-o-time to relax and have fun! I’ve loved every single vacation shot that’s popped up on Instagram, so fun to see them again!!!!!!! The melted Cone kills me! But even better is you with that dang strawberry daquiri! or… wait… BELLATRIX HAIR! omg. good times, lady!

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