Vacation Flashback: Heading Outta Town.

I know when August hits many families are exhausted from a full summer and can’t wait for school to start. As a workin’ mama, however, I have to say I’m totally not ready! My schedule has been action packed but all with work. Wolfie’s been at a fun summer arts camp and then he and Greg visited grandma and grandpa in Myrtle Beach ….but I haven’t really had a summer vacation to speak of yet. That’s why I’m soooo looking forward to this weekend. We’re all heading down to San Diego for Tiki Oasis—a fun, retro weekender celebrating  tiki culture. I’m plotting outfits, thinking about squeezing in a day trip to Legoland, dreaming of lounging poolside and of course some nice quality time with my sweet boys. Also, August 22 is mah birthday and I’m soo looking forward to hangin’ with my girlfriends who will be down in San Diego with their families too. Expect a full report next week!

In honor of the elusive Family Vacation that I’ve been chasing all summer long, here’s a little virtual slide show of retro holiday fun!

image: bunchofpants

image: striderv

image: panta rhei

image: Harold HAESLER

image: kristina^^

hubba hubba….

image: kristina^^


image: Kristina^^

Hahaha, awwwm what’s up, Playboy University? Check that kiddo out!

image: striderv

image: king power cinema

image: musicmuseCA

image: striderv

image: striderv

image: spajadigit

image: MS2172

image: striderv

Oh for the love of matching lavender (orchid??) purple shorties, I hope you’ve had a smashing summer. Where have YOU gone this summer, dolls? Or are you planning on squeezing in one last great escape before school starts? DO TELL! I love to live vicariously through ya….

6 thoughts on “Vacation Flashback: Heading Outta Town.

  1. those are so great! and your trip to Tiki Oasis sounds fab! i just got back from our summer vacation…we escaped the ridiculous Midwestern heat & humidity by getting away to beautiful Colorado Springs! lotsa fun outdoor activities and gorgeous scenery! (and 1400 miles in a car with a temperamental toddler!) and i just blogged about it!

  2. Yay! I’m sooo glad you are getting bit of a rest Alix! You deserve it times ten!

    And I swear–you are a mind reader–I was thinking that it would be great to get some vintage summer fun beach photos! Yeah!

    Have an amazing trip, lady and HAPPY BIRTHDAY–and why look–the birthday fairy asked me to take you out to dinner for some fun! Who am I to disagree with the birthday fairy, eh?

  3. Oooh Mrs. DeTiki you can bet I’ll be swinging by!

    OhSydney…i know, that dress!!!!!! Love it. That whole family is stylin’

    Kody: Colorado Springs sounds awesome. We usually go to Michigan to my parents lake house (which is humid but heavenly!). I’m bummed to miss it this year, but we’ll have loads to report back on from Tiki Oasis!!

    Dottie: *mwuah!* I will take you up on that offer. I would love a relaxing night out with you on the Isle of Style!

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