Vintage Beach Towels for the WIN!

 photo VintTowel_8.jpg

I know its winter, but I still have Hawaii on the brain. And I gotta tell you, I love these vintage beach towels. SO colorful and quirky! Most are from the late 60s, early 70s. A quick eBay search will reveal numerous gems. Some have fun characters (Greg has a Six Million Dollar man one that is awesome!) and some pretty patterns (see above!). My faves have quirky girls on ’em…like these!

 photo VintTowel_4.jpg

 photo VintTowel_3.jpg

 photo VintTowel_2.jpg

My friend Denise just found this next one a few months ago at the thrift store with me. Somehow I missed it. Did I mention it’s deadstock? And that I was SO HAPPY she saw it first? No really,  I was thrilled for her. Seriously. After I was done being TOTALLY bummed, of course. Waah.

 photo VintTowel_1.jpg

 photo VintTowel_12.jpg

Greg got me this one—apologies for the mediocre photo. The best part is that it was signed by T. Hee, infamous Disney animator!

 photo VintTowel_5.jpg

 photo VintTowel_5.jpg

 photo VintTowel_6.jpg

Aren’t they awesome? It seems a shame to use them, since they can easily get washed out from too much sun & fun….but it just makes me happy to roll on up to the pool with my snazzy towel under my arm!

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