Vintage Bookshelf // Three Baby Chicks

In honor of Dottie’s new lil chickadees, I wanted to share this sweet little book. Three Baby Chicks by Ruth Jaynes (1967). It’s part of the Bowmar Early Childhood Series published in the late 60s/early 70s. I just love seeing these three cute kiddos so intrigued by the hatching of the lil chickens!
 photo chickenbook0.jpg

 photo chickenbook2.jpg

 photo chickenbook8.jpg

 photo chickenbook_5.jpg

 photo chickenbook6.jpg

 photo chickenbook5.jpg

 photo chickenbook7.jpg

 photo chickenbook4.jpg

 photo chickenbook3.jpg

 photo chickenbook1.jpg

Aw, they’re so cute aren’t they? One of my favorite things is seeing my friend Jenny’s beautiful chicken’s on Instagram. She’s the ultimate chicken mama and her birdies are gorgeous and quirky and lay such amazing eggs (pastel colors even!). I can’t wait to see Dottie’s chickadees grow too….I just know it’s going to be so much fun for the Peach to have them in her own backyard!

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  1. I have a book from this same series for sale in my shop! I’ve never seen another one before…that is so cool that there are more out there. 🙂 I REALLY like the “shhh” photo…those pants that boy is wearing crack me up!

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